UFOs and Water: Physical Effects of UFOs on Water Through Accounts by Eyewitnesses is an informative book based on firsthand accounts of the effects of UFOs on water, an area of the UFO phenomenon which has been largely ignored up to now.

The book offers several intriguing and enlightening insights into UFOs, including a short introduction to ufology and water-UFO history. Some of the discussions included are:

  • Physical influences of a UFO on water
  • Heat and water-related UFOs
  • Abductees and their underwater UFO experiences
  • Detection of UFOs by radar and sonar
  • UFO sightings by crew aboard aircraft carriers and other large ships
  • Reactions of fish to UFOs
  • Negative aspects of water ufology
  • Sea serpents and the possibility that they may actually have been UFOs
  • Shag Harbour—what Feindt refers to as the “Water Roswell”


These are only some of the many interesting and fascinating topics examined in the book. The eyewitness accounts and other documentation make for compelling reading.