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A Research Paper by A. F. Rullan

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Case #Roll #DateTimeNearest Island/CountryLocationOceanWitness / ShipType of VesselBB UnknownNumber of ObjectsObject ShapeObject SizeObject Lights/ColorOL CodeObject Motion/ BehaviorObject PropulsionOB CodeDistance to ObjectBB ClassificationOriginalReport QualityNew Report QualitySighting DurationNo. of WitnessesWho ReportedTotal QualityLocation+ Time Given?Angular Size Given?Duration*Elev* DirectionDuration Given?Elevation and Direction Given?Angle of ObservationCourseReporting MethodRule InvokedPriority Level of Naval MessageNaval Message included in BB FilesCopies of Report toDegree SymbolLatitude DegreesLatitude MinutesLtLongitude DegreesLongitude MinutesLgComments
3825-Jun-6000:12 GMTVicinity of West Indies22°6’N 69°1’WAFPZT JunonCivil1UFON/AN/AMissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10W to EShip to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°226N691W
3825-Jun-6000:15 GMTVicinity of West Indies29°23’N 65°35’WAPolyclipper LeapCivil1Bright body12MissilePoorPoor10 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10110 degShip to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°2923N6535W
3825-Jun-6000:17 GMTVicinity of West Indies26°5’N 69°28’WASS Soya PacificCivil1Satellite12MissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Ship to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°265N6928W
4016-Sep-6010:00 GMTClose to Puerto Rico19°20’N 75°3’WPRUSS GeigerUSN1Disk ShapeLargeBrightly illuminated6200 mph/ appeared hovering at times and changing direction61960 Epsilon ReentryPoorPoor30 min1Ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Medium AltitudeEFrom Ship to COMASDEFORLANTMERINTN/A°1920N753WThis report is buried in the Sep.15,1960 report from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. Time is different not 00:30 GMT
4124-Jan-6122:05 GMT3 Ships in Atlantic – US East Coast24°15’N 56°25’WAGerman Tanker Arie BoettgerCivil1Irregular flying objectGlowing and smoking12MissilePoorPoor5 min1Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NW to SEGerman Tanker Ship to USCG in New York then to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/A°2415N5625WCape Canaveral fired Atlas rocket a few minute before sighting
4124-Jan-6122:08 GMT3 Ships in Atlantic – US East Coast29°14’N 49°57’WASS AndalienCivil1Strange brilliant objectlike moon with big blue-white luminescence1Running speedy in sky 265 deg to 230 deg2MissilePoorPoor5 min1Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Elev. = 20 degShip to USCG in New York then to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/A°2914N4957WMERINT appears to work/ when rockets are launched reports go to USCG then to ATIC
4313-Sep-6109:39 GMTEast Coast of US36°25.5’N 71°30’WAUSS RandolphUSN1Small elongated orange colored light; then round silverish light appeared6 to 8 times diameter of moonLight became large and brighter resembling hazy moon. It blossomed out in a burst of bright orange light globular in shape11Rocket LaunchGoodGood5-7 sec2A.E. Clarke QM1 USN, JOOD LTJG T.M. Atkins#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 deg to 70 deg320 deg true to 40 degNaval Message from ship to CNO/CINCLANTFLTNot ReportedRoutineYes°3625.5N7130WConfirmed NASA Experimental rocket launch from Wallops Island, Virginai. Release of Sodium Material over 100 miles up
4429-Jan-6223:38 GMTSubmarine Base in Puerto RicoPuerto RicoACGC SagebrushCoast Guard1Cone shaped loom; L shaped lights; appeared triangular in shapeBrightness of 1st Mag star had 2 lights flashing and a halo type cloud encircled the object42Est. 50,000 ftMissile test AFMTC Test 119/1PoorFair5 min12No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 degECGC Sagebrush located at sub base tender in PR to COMGANTSNot ReportedN/AN/A°Six reports: 4 aircrafts and two ships. Very well documented incident overall, while each report is poor. Confirmed case of Missile launch Test AFMTC 119/1
4612-Jul-6212:55 GMTPacific Ocean32°52.2’N 165°23’WPUSS WilhoiteUSN1Round object2nd Mag starWhite1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo PoorFair5 min3OOD and Lookouts#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 75 deg to 11 degEastMERINT Report from Ship to COMWESTSEAFRONMERINTRoutineYes°3252.2N16523WWhy is USS Wilhoite sending 2 Merint reports on Satellite?
5320-Nov-6401:12 GMTAtlantic Ocean20°41.5’N 68°34’WAUSS GyattUSN1Radar detection onlyRadar3AircraftEXGood5 min1A/C Pilot#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Captured by A/CCaptured by Radar°2041.5N6834W
1315-Oct-4822:20 GMTOff Norfolk, VA36°42’N 74°40’WASS GulfportCivil1Nearly as moonNot ReportedBright1Straight courseNot Reported2Not ReportedProbably balloonPoorPoor50 min1Master of ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not ReportedSEDirect to BBNoneN/AN/ANot Available°3642N7440W
#VALUE!3628-Jul-5904:13 GMTEast of Florida29°50’N 79°25’WAUSS RobinsonUSN1bright white lightObject grew larger as it moved across ship; size of a quarterwhite light surrounded by an orange glow1traveling upward225,000 ftMissileGoodGood2.5 min3Student on Quartermaster Watch (Hoskins), OOD, and BM3#VALUE!11#VALUE!1125,000 ft250 degCivilian from Naval Reserve reporting directly to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°2950N7925WThe USS Robinson did not report this sighting to BB. It was reported by a civilian. Odd? Student filled out full ATIC UFO Report.
#VALUE!3609-Sep-5907:20 GMT10 miles East of Florida25°50’N 80°1.5’WACGC AndroscogginCoast Guard1two stage rocket6Altitude and speed high2MissilePoorPoor3.0 min1USCG#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SEFrom USCGC Androscoggin to COMEASTSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°2550N801.5W
#VALUE!3706-Oct-596:01 GMTApprox. 115 miles East of Cape Canaveral, FL28°54’N 78°28’WAMV DefenderCivil1Glowing object surrounded by reddish yellow halo or lightFlashing white light seen for a few seconds32Altitude = 28,000 ftMissilePoorPoorNot Reported1USCG#VALUE!10#VALUE!10East by NorthUSCG to CG Dist. 7th then to CINCONADCOMNot ReportedN/AN/A°2854N7828W
#VALUE!3721-Oct-5905:07 GMT380 miles East of Langley AFB, VA°’ °’AUSS SkywatcherUSN1Tear ShapeBluish White1Appeared to burn outwith vapors following2MeteorPoorPoor10 sec1Seaman W.J. Lawrence#VALUE!10#VALUE!10WestFrom COMDR NAYDS McGuire AFB New Jersey to ATICAFR 200-2N/AN/A°
#VALUE!3805-Jul-6016:30 GMT145’50E 39’20N = Aircraft Location23°59’N 175°20’EPNWA Civilian A/C and Navy Ship USS NobleUSN1Steady white lightsize and shape of faint star1High rate of speed2MissilePoorPoorNot Reported3Pilot from Northwest Airlines and US Navy Ship (Quartermaster and Seaman)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Alt = 30 degNW to SEShip report to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedN/AN/A°2359N17520EMissile was USSR Rocket/ Reports sent to Cambridge Research Center (Project Space Track) – Laurence G. Hanscom and to Moon Dust
#VALUE!3926-Aug-6019:40 GMTNorth of Midway Island33°55’N 137°32’EPUSS HigbeeUSN1Object w/brightness of 1st mag star12Echo IPoorFair10 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Alt = 10 degSW to NEFrom USS Higbee to COMSEVENTHFLT/ 5th AF Japan / From COMBARPAC to ATICCIRVISNot ReportedYes°3355N13732EEvaluated by Navy as possible Communications balloon of satellite – why sent to ATIC
#VALUE!4016-Sep-6010:10 GMTClose to Puerto Rico11°15’N 78°53’WPRSS Santa AnaCivil1UFON/ALost from sight in low cloudsN/A1960 Epsilon ReentryPoorPoorNot Reported1Ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Alt = 3.2 degFrom 20 deg to 80 degFrom Ship to COMASDEFORLANTMERINTN/A°1115N7853WThis report is buried in the Sep.15,1960 report from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. Time is different not 00:30 GMT
#VALUE!4024-Sep-6000:55 GMTOff North Coast of Labrador (2nd ship at 57’20″N 60’30″W)58°35’N 62°40’WASS Gannet & SS AlgareenCivil1Cylinder-likeLarger than Aircraft with 5 port holes like lights along side.6Object approached the surface of the ocean at an angle, hit, and disappeared under the water.No Exhaust215 miles south of shipProbably MeteorFairPoorNot Reported23rd Mate on the Gannet and First Mate on the Algareen#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Alt = 45 deg ends a 0 degE to WCanadian Ships reporting to COMDR Goose NORAD Sector Gosse AFB LabradorCanadianN/A°5835N6240WCanadian Dept. of Transport sent ship to search area. Ship was the Nanook. Object hit water.
#VALUE!4018-Oct-6009:26 GMTNE of Bermuda37°14.8’N 59°3.5’WAUSS Mullinnix (Part of Task Group 20.9)USN1Bright LightSame size and intensity as Cappella1Stationary for 5 min then moved to NE5Insufficient DataPoorPoor10 min1Only 1 witness amongst group of ships#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NEONI Report by LCDR USN H.C. QudleyNot ReportedN/A°3714.8N593.5W
#VALUE!4106-Feb-6111:00 GMTPhilippine Sea20°0’N 134°0’EPSS Master DaskalosCivil1Bright objectHugelike shooting star1Falling in EW direction breaking into 2 piecesBurning up in atmosphere2MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1Radio Officer#VALUE!11#VALUE!10East to WestShip to COMWESTSEAFRONNot ReportedPriorityYes°200N1340EReport was duplicated in BB under Feb 6 and Feb 8, 1961(Correct date is Feb 6)
#VALUE!4128-Feb-6122:25 GMTAtlantic Ocean52°40’N 34°55’WAUSCG Cutter BaratariaCoast Guard1Bright objectBrightness of 1st mag star1Straight course2High altitudeSatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 degSEFrom USCG Cutter to OS Charlie then to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°5240N3455W
#VALUE!4105-Mar-6100:10 GMTAtlantic Ocean42°55’N 43°30’WAMSTS American AnglerCivil1Bright objectBrightness of 1st mag star1Orbiting object2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10From Ship to CG Radio Station Argentia then to COMEASTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°4255N4330W
#VALUE!4213-May-6111:50 GMTEast Indies4°14.5’N 106°18.5’EAUSS Saint PaulUSN1Roundsize of second mag starWhite1Traveled at high rate of speed across sky2Insufficient DataPoorPoor1.5 min5LCOL R.E. Dunlap USAF , LCDR GA Murphy USN, LT R. Karger USNR, LT G.E. King USN, LT NHS Walczak USN#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Elev. = 60 deg then to 15 degNaval Message from ship to Clark AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°414.5N10618.5E
#VALUE!4214-May-6108:00 GMTAtlantic Ocean14°10’N 95°10’WASS PenmarCivil1Bright objectBright as 1st mag star1Object with controlled flight too high to note shape or size; stopped twice, then made easy turn and headed SHad neither rocket nor meteor6Insufficient DataPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 degN then SReport from ship to COMWESTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°1410N9510W
#VALUE!4206-Jul-6114:35 GMTPacific Ocean22°40’N 154°14’WPSS GisnaCivil1Brilliant objectWhite, same brilliance as star Vega12Probably Echo I SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 22 deg to 12 degENEM/V Ship report to Coast Guard District 14 then to Hawaii Air Defense Division Wheeler AFBNot ReportedN/AN/A°2240N15414W
#VALUE!4331-Jul-6107:21 GMTPacific Ocean28°13’N 121°16’WPUSS LansingUSN1RoundSize of pinheadWhite object; bright as 1st mag star1Straight course passed over the ship2Echo I SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 90 deg to 0 degENEShip report to Hawaii Air Def Division Kunia AnnexNot ReportedN/AN/A°2813N12116W
#VALUE!4418-Nov-6105:24 GMTPacific Ocean40°12.5’N 173°45’WPUSS DurantUSN1Round objectSize of pinheadWhite object blinking as A/C warning beacon3Straight course 2AircraftPoorFair3 min3BM3 USN Watchstander, LTJG AJN OOD, LCDR USN CO#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Stop at Elev. = 30 degNTelex to COMHAWSEAFRONNot ReportedN/AN/A°4012.5N17345W
#VALUE!4405-Dec-6105:14 GMTPacific Ocean40°32’N 166°59’WPUSS WilhoiteUSN1Round objectSize of planet1Straight course 2Probable Satellite Echo IPoorFair5 min8HSN USN Lookout, CO, XO, OOD and 4 others#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 degSNaval message from USS Wilhoite to USAF PAC/CINCPACFLT/Other ; then MERINT report sent by HAW AIR DEF DIV KUNIA Annex to Hickam AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3/ MERINTPriorityYes°4032N16659WExample of both Naval Message and MERINT being sent by Navy. This ship was a Barrier ship.
#VALUE!4402-Feb-6221:45 GMTAtlantic Ocean48°12’N 28°26’WASS American ShipperCivil1Bright object1Straight course ; 90 arc in 6-7 secWith a long and bright tail visible through clouds2MeteorPoorPoor6-7 sec2Captain WA Woodman and 2nd Officer HW Schonn#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg then to 5 degSEFrom Ship to Ocean Station Delta. Naval Message from OSD to Govt. Hydro OfficeNot ReportedRoutineYes°4812N2826W
#VALUE!4612-Jul-6210:50 GMTPacific Ocean33°22’N 165°44’WPUSS WilhoiteUSN1Round object2nd Mag starWhite1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo PoorFair5 min4OOD, Lookouts, and CO#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 38 deg to 14 degEastMERINT Report from Ship to COMWESTSEAFRONMERINTEmergencyYes°3322N16544WInconsistency between reporting method used in Pacific some CO use Merint others use CINCPAFLT INST
#VALUE!4613-Jul-6205:40 GMTPacific Ocean18°25’N 55°47’WPUSS FalgoutUSN1RoundBrightness of 1st Mag Star; pinheadWhite1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo PoorFair5 min4OOD, Lookouts, and CO#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 38 deg to 5 degENENaval Message from ship to CINCPACAF HickamCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°1825N5547W
#VALUE!4614-Jul-6202:15 GMTSouth Pacific – East of the Marques Islands6°9’S 110°38’WPSS Southern EagleCivil1Satellite lookingLuminous object1Straight course 2SatellitePoorPoor1 min1Master of Ship#VALUE!11#VALUE!10S to NCivilian Merint ReportMERINTN/AN/A°69S11038W
#VALUE!4703-Dec-6218:30 GMT29’45 64’4564°45’N 29°45’WANavy ShipUSN1Burning object1Disintegrating; straight course Trailing fire2MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10WestNaval Message from COMBARFORLANT to USAF HQNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°6445N2945W
#VALUE!4704-Dec-6203:45 GMTGulf of Mexico25°5’N 85°4’WASS Esso LimaCivil1Rocket like1Straight course Vapor trail shooting upward2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 deg then 30 degSouthMerchant Vessel Merint Report went to US CG District 8 which then send Naval Message to CINCNORAD, COMEASTSEAFRON, & OthersCIRVISOperational ImmediateYes°255N854W
#VALUE!4731-Dec-6205:05 GMTPacific Ocean2°18’N 162°9’WPCGC USS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectBright as 2nd Mag Star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 39 deg55 degMerint report from USS Matagorda to Air DIV Kunia Facility then to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°218N1629W
#VALUE!4731-Jan-6306:00 GMTAtlantic Ocean33°30’N 56°55’WASS Dunkirk and 3 Air VisualsCivil1Bright flashWhite1Moving in southern sky toward horizon then explosion light up sea for 5-10 secShort tail of sparks or debris2MeteorPoorPoor5-10 sec43 Air Visuals and one Merchant Vessel reported via Ocean Station Echo#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg to 0 degExplodingTelex from OS Echo to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°3330N5655W
#VALUE!4816-Jun-6311:20 GMTPacific Ocean39°9’N 152°6’EPSS TetelaCivil1Bright objectIrregular flashing light1Did not appear to be on straight course3Probably AircraftPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EMerint Report from SS Tetela to USCGC Chautauqua to CINCPACFLTMERINTN/AN/A°399N1526E
#VALUE!4817-Jun-6316:38 GMTPacific Ocean36°25’N 155°52’EPUSS Halsey PowellUSN1SphericalBaseball at arms lengthWhite object with intense light1Traveling at high speedNo Tail2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported3Fisher (OOD), Stewart (BM3), & Varlamos (SN)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 85 deg to 0 degSENaval Message report from ship to CINCPACFLTOPNAV INST 3820.9PriorityYes°3625N15552E
#VALUE!4820-Jun-6309:30 GMTBetween Japan and CA39°18’N 175°28’WPMS AscaniusCivil7Bright objectslike satellite1Straight course ; seen seven times2Echo I satellitePoorPoorNot reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10SEShip Visit Report collected by Nautical Information Branch of USN Oceanographic Office sent to NASA then ATICUS Oceanographic Office/ Ship Visit ReportN/AN/A°3918N17528WUS Nautical Informations Branch will send NASA a memo on a Satellite sigthing and then ATIC will add it as a UFO case!!
#VALUE!4821-Jun-6300:42 GMTGulf of Mexico15°56’N 81°5’WAMV PensacolaCivil1Bright objectobject as bright as Polaris in flight1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 16 deg to 5 degNEMarine Data Report from civilian ship collected by NIB and sent to NASAUS Oceanographic Office/ Marine Data ReportN/AN/A°1556N815W
#VALUE!4821-Jun-6308:30 GMTPacific Ocean33°12’N 168°33’EPUSCGC MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectObject bright as 1st mag star1Straight course 2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 47 deg340 deg trueMerint Report from CG ship to USAFHQ/OthersMERINTN/AN/A°3312N16833EInsufficient data because duration is missing and direction of travel does not match Echo Sat
#VALUE!4804-Jul-6311:25 GMTFar East26°4’N 127°53’EPUSS CookUSN1Bright object1st mag star; pinpoint1Straight course 2Possible 1961 Beta Theta SatellitePoorFair5 min4Griffin (CO), Morandini (OOD), Gaddy (Lookout), Hines (VJOOD)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg to 17 degNENaval message from USS Cook to COMNAVPHILCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3Operational ImmediateYes°264N12753E
#VALUE!4925-Aug-6307:15 GMTAtlantic Ocean35°02’N 48°15’WAOcean Station EchoCoast Guard1Satellite12SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10120 degTelex from OS ECHO to COMEASTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°3502N4815WReports states it is satellite; why send Telex to AF?
#VALUE!4925-Aug-6308:00 GMTPacific Ocean31°57’N 174°25’EPUSCGC MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright light2nd Mag starflashing1Course change from 130 deg to 150 deg. Not clear3Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg to 50 deg130 deg then to 150 degTelex from USCG Cutter Matagorda to COFS USAF/ CG Div. 14 & othersMERINTN/AN/A°3157N17425E
#VALUE!4921-Sep-6303:43 GMTPacific Ocean – Off Coast of Oregon45°22’N 135°34’WPPicket Vessel PV-3 from Portland Air Defense Sector and Civilian AirlinerUSN1Brightly glowing round object1st Mat StarRed1Passed overhead; straight course2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 degEastTelex from POADS ADAIR AFS Oregon to ATICAFR 200-2N/AN/A°4522N13534WPicket — Advanced or distant radar guard ship from the Navy but working with the Air Defense Command
#VALUE!4923-Sep-6310:25 GMTPacific Ocean18°02’N 161°3’EPUSS DeliverUSN1Bright streakBasket ball; Brilliance lit up ship and horizonBlue with red sparks and long streak1Descended in a straight course2MeteorPoorPoor1-2 sec4OOD, BM, & two Lookouts#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg to 0 degDescendingNaval Message from ship to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedImmediateYes°1802N1613E
#VALUE!4925-Sep-6305:25 GMTPacific Ocean35°05’N 152°6’WPSS Sunny LadyCivil1Bright light1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoor10 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastRadio Communication from ship to COMNAVDEFEAST PAC then to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°3505N1526W
#VALUE!4904-Nov-6305:46 GMTPacific Ocean40°00’N 174°0’WPSS FalgoutCivil1Bright lightStar like or planet like160 deg arc in 45 seconds2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 degNECivilian Merint report to Air Div Kunia Facility HAW then to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°4000N1740W
#VALUE!5017-May-6406:30 GMTAtlantic Ocean38°02’N 42°38’WASS President JacksonCivil1Bright object1Straight course flying2Medium altitudeInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SETelex from COMASWFORLANT to CINCNORADMERINTN/AN/A°3802N4238W
#VALUE!5018-May-6402:00 GMTFar East34°00’N 164°00’EPOcean Station Victor – Radar SightingCoast Guard1Radar detection onlyRadarChange courses; speeds of 150 knots329 to 70 milesAircraftPoorPoor39 min1Radar Detection Case#VALUE!10#VALUE!10280-330 degTelex from OSV to CINCPACFLT/ CINCNORAD/ COFS USAF/ OthersMERINTN/AN/A°3400N16400ERadar case of Aircraft – why send to BB? Specially when there was no anomalous behaviour
#VALUE!5018-May-6404:45 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPOcean Station VictorCoast Guard1Satellite1Straight course2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg to 50 degNETelex from OSV to COMWESTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000WMERINT report reporting a satellite.
#VALUE!5106-Jun-6422:00 GMT600 miles NW of AscensionNot GivenASS Norma C. PennCivil1Bright lightBright as brightest star; similar to Star RigelAppeared to flash; white light1Erratic motion; object in flight crossing own path; Stood still; suddenly speed up and move away; flash or flicker; disappear and reappear6Star VegaGoodGood8 min3Master, 2nd Officer and 3rd Officer#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 60 degNortherly; 110 degCaptain reported sighting to US Consul in South Africa who then send letter to US Air Attaché then to ATICATIC formsN/AN/A°Witness filled out a complete UFO report from ATIC
#VALUE!5125-Jul-6408:05 GMTPacific Ocean41°27’N 164°16’WPSS Dona MaruCivil1Flare rocketBlue1Rising and falling from horizon3FlarePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Rising and falling from Horizon130 degMerint report to Air Division Kunia Facility then Telex to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°4127N16416W
#VALUE!5318-Nov-6403:30 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPUSS PontchartrainCoast Guard1Bright lightStar like; satellite like1Straight course2High altitudeSatellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10165 degTelex from USCGC Pontchartrain to COMDT COGARD, CINCNORAD, OthersMERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000W
#VALUE!5319-Nov-6411:00 GMTPacific Ocean34°55’N 164°05’EPUSS MatagordaCoast GuardXBright lightWhite flashing light1Speed over 10K mph ; level flight2UnidentifiedPoorPoor10 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 deg20 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to CCGD 14th, Chief of Staff USAF, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3455N16405E
#VALUE!5319-Nov-6419:00 GMTPacific Ocean33°59’N 164°04’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectSatellite like1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 23 deg140 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to CCGD 14th, Chief of Staff USAF, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3359N16404ENot Echo I or Echo II per ATIC
#VALUE!5320-Nov-6401:12 GMTMiddle of Puerto Rico but Radar caught by USS Gyatt18°10’N 66°12’WAF-8C Pilot & USS GyattUSN1Delta shape per pilotSize of jet fighterDark (black or gray); light source emitting from tail of delta shape during periods of acceleration. No lights on board except what looked like after burner light.6UFO made numerous course changes and then stayed in a parallel course. Pilot attempted to get close and UFO accelerated in 20 degree climb when within 5 miles. Performed no unusual maneuvers except extreme acceleration and deceleration at will, plus a very steep climb angle.Heat source; trail visible; no contrail3AircraftEXGood5 min1Radar Operator#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Initially NE; target made numerous couse changesTelex from COMCARIBSEAFRON to CINCLANTFLT, others. Full report from CO, Utility Squadron Eight to Commander Caribbean Sea Frontier regarding Pilot sighting. Full report from Commander Norfolk Test and Evaluation Detachment to FT regarding radar scope photos.CINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2c & OPNAV INST 3820.9N/AN/A°1810N6612WUSS Gyat tracked object in its Radar scope and took scope photos. FTD analyzed thes photos and conldued that speed was subsonic for 21 min. Object accelearated, but never exceeded 1515 knots. Average speed was 1200 knots. Ramey AFB stated it was aircraft AGP-3.
#VALUE!5322-Nov-6406:30 GMTPacific Ocean33°58.5’N 164°03.5’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectSatellite or star like1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 34 degSouthTelex from Matagorda to COFS USAFMERINTN/AN/A°3358.5N16403.5E
#VALUE!5324-Nov-6404:20 GMTPacific Ocean34°00’N 140°00’WPUSS PontchartrainCoast Guard1Bright lightStar like1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10SETelex from USCGC Pontchartrain to COMDT COGARD, CINCNORAD, OthersMERINTN/AN/A°3400N14000WTelex says believed to be a satellite. Then why send MERINT?
#VALUE!5320-Feb-6503:45 GMTAtlantic Ocean64°12’N 11°35’WANavy Ship not NamedUSN1Bright objectStar like1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10160 degBB Index Card OnlyNot ReportedN/AN/A°6412N1135W
#VALUE!5422-Mar-6523:22 GMTAtlantic Ocean64°36’N 29°13’WAAtlantic FleetUSN1Bright lightBright as Vega; 1st Mag starPale blue green1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IIPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 degEastTelex from COMBARFORLANT to CNO, CINCLANTFLT, othersCINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2CN/AN/A°6436N2913WSeen with binoculars.
#VALUE!5411-May-6505:35 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPUSS PontchatrainCoast Guard1Bright lightStar like1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 deg150 degTelex from USCGC Pontchartrain to CMDT COGARD, CINC NORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000W
#VALUE!5402-Jul-6500:15 GMTSouth of Capetown South Africa34°24’S 23°41’EAAntarctic research and resupply ship = MV R.S.A.Civil1RoundSmall orangeBlue-white then orange before explosion1Moving east; then stationary for 1 sec and exploded250 nmMeteorPoorPoor5 sec2S.G. Stigant, Second Officer, K.T. McNish Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 35 degEastLetter from Defense Attaché Office of the American Embassy in South Africa to FTD at Wright-Paterson AFB forwarding UFO sighting report.AFR 200-2N/AN/A°3424S2341ECould be secret missile test by Navy instead of NASA. AF did not test any missiles and NASA did not launch any Sodium Shots.
#VALUE!5810-Oct-6512:00 GMTPacific Ocean; Off-Coast West of Portland Oregon46°09’N 126°02’WPCivilian Ship – Name not ReportedCivil2Round bright objectsSize of starsWhite1Stationary until disappearance. Object rose rapidly, the larger of the two went N the other South5Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!101- North 2-SouthShip reported sighting to West Port Coast Guard Station who passed report on to Naselle AF Station who called Wing Command Post McChord AFB Wash to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°4609N12602W
#VALUE!5917-Nov-6515:03 GMTPacific Ocean28°57’N 178°49’WPUSS CroatanUSN1Bright lightBluish light whole horizon1Celestial explosionRed contrails seen for 2 min2MissilePoorPoor2 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Elev. = 42 degNot ReportedTelex from Air Div Kunia Facility to Wright Patterson AFB with Merint reportMERINTN/AN/A°2857N17849WATIC: Decay of Vanik II 17/19:40Z / Decay of Cosmos 93
#VALUE!5929-Nov-6514:40 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPUSCGC Pontchatrain + Air VisualCoast Guard1Bright lightStar likeSurrounded by aurora like light 1Rising from Horizon.2Missile (Atlas D)PoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10240 degTelex from CGC Pontchartrain to CINCNORAD, CSAF, COMWESTAREA, others,MERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000WBB Index Card says: “Three stage rocket appeared to have been fired from below the water. Water spay up to 20,000 ft. Appeared to have climbed to orbital altitude.” Vandenburg AFB launched missile at 29/14:44Z two stage rocket to Hwajalien Islands.
#VALUE!5929-Dec-6516:31 GMTAtlantic Ocean40°59’N 11°40’EAUSS RichUSN2Bright objectsSimilar to 1st Mag StarsWhite; 2nd object came 1 hr later1Moving rapidly in the sky, one after the other2SatellitesPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!101- East 2-SouthTelex from USS Rich to NAVCOMNSTA ROTA Spain then to CONSIXTHFLTNot ReportedN/AN/A°4059N1140E
#VALUE!5911-Jan-6612:00 GMTPacific Ocean26°58’N 154°46’EPSS Morgantown VictoryCivil1Cigar shape 200 ft at 400 ft height; a mile awayGlowing object with a bright light at its head6Straight course from horizon and then altered course, then hovered for 30 seconds (Object maneuvered approximately 180 deg about the vessel)Long fiery tail61 mile off shipSatellite Decay (Cosmos 53)GoodGood5 min3Anderson (3rd Mate), Claunch (bow lookout), and Farba (helsman)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11From Horizon to 400 ft Elev. At 1 Mile distanceSELetter from Commander USN Defense Forces Eastern Pacific to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°2658N15446EVery interesting case with a good drawing. Original BB file is hard to read. Could Cosmos satellite hover over ship? Three eyewitnesses plus Captain gave writtent testimony.
#VALUE!5931-Jan-6623:13 GMTAtlantic Ocean50°08’N 31°01’WASS American Commander?Civil1Bright lightWhite1Straight courseTrail covered 15 deg of arc2Not ReportedContrailsPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11On Horizon258 degNaval Message from NAF LAJES and COMEASTSEAFRON to CSAF and CINCNORADMERINTImmediateYes°5008N3101W
#VALUE!6002-Mar-6623:45 GMTAtlantic Ocean18°28’N 66°07’WAUSCG Division 7Coast Guard1UFON/ANot ReportedN/ANot ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not ReportedTelex from CCGD7 to CINCLANFLTNot ReportedN/AN/A°1828N6607W
#VALUE!6327-Jun-6604:00 LocalPacific Ocean19°00’N 172°00’EPSS Mt. Vernon VictoryCivilX1Growing luminescent cloudSize of golf ball at arm’s lengthFlashing light at center of cloud3Stationary cloud; white light moved southward1Not ReportedUnidentifiedVGVGover 18 min2Radio Officer and Watch Officer Donald Rominger (Sorensen)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg to 40 degUpward or toward the ship (West)Letter from witness directly to BB and NICAPNot ReportedN/AN/A°1900N17200EAccording to Hynek, it is likely that this sighting was a rocket launch of a barium cloud. Very reasonable to assume. Not a high strangeness case.
#VALUE!6620-Oct-6602:00 GMTPacific Ocean32°00’N 117°20’WPUSS HigbeeUSN1RoundSize of 1st Mag Starwhite1Straight course2Not ReportedSatellite (Echo II)FairFair9 minutes3OOD, Watch superisor, other#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg then 15 degNNaval message from ship to Norton AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°3200N11720WSighted with binoculas 7X50
#VALUE!6916-Feb-6704:15 GMTWake Island31°28’N 130°32’WPUSS Shearwater USN1object with 3 distinct orange railecs turning blue in color on final burnout2Straight course2Not ReportedNo BB Index CardPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg to 20 degFrom 220 deg to 175 degTelex from ship to COMWESTSEAFRON NAVY San Francisco then to Western NORAD RegionNot ReportedN/AN/A°3128N13032W
#VALUE!7919-Apr-6801:00 GMTAtlantic Ocean24°14’N 83°32’WASS Louisiana SulphurCivil1Flaming ObjectYellow-orange1Straight course; high speedObject was breaking up2Not ReportedSatellite Debris (Cosmos 213)PoorPoorNot Reported3No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SouthMerint Telex from SS Louisiana Sulphur to COMASWFORLANT, then to CINC NORADMERINTN/AN/A°2414N8332W
#VALUE!7923-Apr-6806:21 GMTPacific Ocean23°24’N 166°41.5’WPUSS SteinakerUSN1TriangularPea sizedWhite; pulsating 90 times per minute3Straight courseNo trail250K ftProbable SatelliteFairFair60 sec3OOD, BM3, and Watchstander#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 7 degFrom 23 deg to 55 degTelex from ship to CINCPACFLT then to ATICAFR 80-17 and CINCPACFLTINST P0054 4.10N/AN/A°2324N16641.5WObject seen with binoculars.
#VALUE!704-Aug-5010:00 EDTNorth Atlantic39°35’N 72°24.5’WAMV MarcalaCivilX1ovular cylindrical; elliptical10 ft diameter?Shiny aluminum color and sparkled in the sunlight6Straight course400 to 500 mph250 to 100 ft above Water; closest to ship was 1000 ftUnknownVGGood15 sec or 1.5 min?3Master of ship, 3rd Mate and Chief Mate#VALUE!11#VALUE!1170 degNEInvestigated by 2 Intelligence Officers who wrote Information ReportNoneN/AN/AState, Army, Navy, Air°3935N7224.5W
#VALUE!707-Aug-5008/ 03:50 GMT (19:50 local)From San Francisco to Balboa, Panama Canal21°50’N 108°45’WPMV MinervaCivil1Flaming aerial bodyhalf size of setting sunglowing frontal dark and backwards flaming body1Straight course; unbelievable speedOrange-yellow colored tail in the rear2MeteorFairFairSeconds4Master R. Wolport, Chief Mate, A.B. seaman, & Engineer#VALUE!11#VALUE!1145 degNECivilian report to Ship Agents in Panama Canal/ Investigated by DIO, 15th Naval DistrictNoneN/AN/ACIA, State, DI USAF, G2 USAF, JCincPac, ComNavFor Ger°2150N10845W
#VALUE!824-Feb-5124/ 02:44 GMT157.06′ W 21.32′ N21°32’N 157°6’WPSS Hawaiian Logger Civil1cylindrical Not ReportedDark cylindrical object with reddish tail6Straight course; slower than meteorappeared like rocket in controlled flight2Insufficient DataFairPoorNot Reported1Second Mate Froyland#VALUE!10#VALUE!10ESESpot Intelligence Report from Headquarters Pacific Division (MATS) by 14th Naval District ONI, C-3 RestrictedMovement Report Center, Hawaiian Sea FrontierN/AN/AOffice of Intelligence Officer, Pacific Division, MATS, Hickam AFB°2132N1576W
#VALUE!1011-Jun-5209:20 GMT (4:25 local)Returning from the Bahamas33°0′ 75°25′ASS NassauCivil1rectangular20 inches squarerectangular yellowish body and a copper green tail 6Straight coursecopper green tail (no exhaust trail)26 to 10 miles from Ship; 200 yards above sea levelPossibly MeteorFairFair3-4 seconds1Civilian#VALUE!11#VALUE!116 to 10 miles from Ship; 200 yards above sea levelECivilian called USAF Inspector GeneralAFR 205-1N/AN/AInspector General at the Coutner Intelligence Div., sent letter to Colletion Division, Directorate of Intelligence°3307525
#VALUE!1514-Sep-5222:13 localNorth of Island of Bernholm during Operation Mainbrace in North Atlantic55°29’N 14°52.5’EADanish Destroyer – Operation MainbraceDanish NavyX33 objects moving in triangular formation; Bluish glowing triangleNot ReportedBluish glowing triangle with white light from exhaust2Object changed bearing from 320 to 240 in 5-10 seconds; 932 mph31,000 meter AltitudeUnknownFairPoorNot Reported1Lt. Commander, 2nd in Command of Danish Destroyer#VALUE!10#VALUE!1140-50 degSTelegraph from CNO Washington DCNoneN/AN/ACINCLANFLT/ENT AFB/ ATIC WPAFB°5529N1452.5E
#VALUE!1530-Sep-52Not ReportedOcean Station UNCLE°’ °’AOcean Station UNCLE from USCGCoast Guard1luminous grayish disc500 to 600 ft in diameterluminous grayish disc6Hovered between the clouds a few minutes then started moving started moving slowly then rapidly to 800 mph6Altitude = 5000 ft; 2 miles from shipAircraftGoodPoorfew mintutes3+Coast Guard Commanding Officer, TANEY (WPG-37) George D. Symon#VALUE!01#VALUE!105000 ft Elevation two miles from shipNone ReportedUSCG letter to WPAFBNoneN/AN/ACommander 12 th Coast Guard Distrit and then on to ATIC°Case is of an actual Aircraft sighting that was confused as a flying disk.
#VALUE!1910-Nov-5321:00 GMTOff Coast of Greenland60°10’N 37°50’WAMS ImanakCivil1Light as large as planet in flightAs large as Big PlanetNot Reported1Straight courseFast speed2High AltitudeInsufficient DataPoorPoor4 minutes1Captain of civilian ship#VALUE!11#VALUE!10240 TRUEDanish Naval Headquarters to USAB GreenlandADOIN 1845N/AN/AEmergency report to numerous AF Bases°6010N3750W
#VALUE!2004-Apr-5418:35 GMT44.10′ W 40.38′ N40°38’N 44°10’WA MV El CafeteroCivil1Balloon-likeVery largeNot Reported1Moving against windWhite smoke under object2Not ReportedProbably BalloonPoorPoorNot Reported2+SGD Hein Pedersen Master of Ship; observed by several#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SECivilian contacted HQ USAF Washington DC who then forwarded to ATICNoneN/AN/ACOMAIRDEFCON ENT AFB Colorado°4038N4410W
#VALUE!2112-Aug-5412/05:55 GMT (20:55 local)Ship anchored off Yoron-Jima27°2’N 128°27’EPSS Docteur AngierCivilX1100 ft diameter ellipseabout length of 5 cent piece held at arm’s length; then size of basketball when over shipCircle was bright blue, reddish at the inside of the circle and jet black inside the circle of light.6Approached ship, slowed down and rose rapidlyNone3200-300 ft above seaUnidentifiedVGGood but Duration GivenNot Reported2Mr. Percharde & Kosei Makamoto#VALUE!11#VALUE!11From 0 deg to 30 degSWCivilians were interrogated by USAF Intelligence in OkinawaAFR 200-2N/AN/AReport sent to 20th Air Force and FEAF°272N12827EAir Intelligence Information Report was filled out.
#VALUE!2207-Apr-5521:15 GMT65.22’55” W 18.07’5″ N18°7’N 65°22’WACTG 45.2 (Commander Task Group)USN1Circularlarger than moonbluish silver1Hovered for 10 seconds, then departed5Insufficient DataPoorPoor30 sec4040 men#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Telegram from CTG 45.2 to COMCARISEAFRONNot ReportedN/ANoENT AFB CJOLO/ ATIC°187N6522W
#VALUE!2421-Sep-5523:00 GMT36.3′ N 73.55′ W36°3’N 73°55’WASS Alcoa PegasusCivil1Strange glowing1Upward slowly and circular motion223 degrees AltitudePossibly Balloon (Moby Dick High Balloon)FairPoor10 minutes1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!1023 degTelegram from ship to CEOMEASTSEAFROMFLYOBRPT / AFL 200-5N/AN/ADIRINTELL HQ USAF/ATIC/°363N7355W
#VALUE!2421-Jan-5608:04 GMT210 miles SE Bermuda29°40’N 62°0’WADanish Ship, DanfjordCivil1roundlike a star1Object was falling, then hovered for 2 seconds, then made abrupt right angle change to the North.tail like a red flame6Possibly MeteorFairFair8 seconds1Ship’s Second Mate#VALUE!11#VALUE!1160 deg to 20 degNAll information was taken from the ship’s Log. From District Intelligence Officer, 6th Naval District to Director of Naval IntelligenceONI Instruction 03820.19B & ONI Instruction 08320.17CN/A°2940N620W
#VALUE!2620-Sep-5621/ 05:15 GMT35 N 131.15′ W35°0’N 131°15’WPUSS Takelma / CTF 31USN1rocket shapesize of dimeBlack object with no lights6600 mphleft vapor trail2Not ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoor11 seconds3CO, OOD, Lookout#VALUE!11#VALUE!10190 dgr TrueTelegraph from CTF 31 to RJEDEN/CINCONADNot ReportedN/A°350N13115W
#VALUE!2706-May-5720:18 GMT26.38’N 23.22’W26°38’N 23°22’WASS Hunters Point (Civilian Ship)Civil1circular shapeBlack center6Straight courseBrilliant fiery emission forming a ring around it2Not ReportedPossible CometPoorPoorNot Reported3+All mates and Radio officer (JB Morton -Master)#VALUE!10#VALUE!118 deg 57 min Altitude282 dgr TrueCivilian report – from HYDRT WashDC to HQ USAFNoneRoutineN/A°2638N2322W
#VALUE!2905-Nov-5723:40 GMTSSW of New Orleans27°50’N 91°12’WASS Hampton RoadsCivil1Round glowing objectNot Reportededges were brighter than center1Straight course2Not ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoor10 minutes5Chief Mate, 2nd Mate, 3rd Mate, Radio Operator and Chief Eng..#VALUE!10#VALUE!1162 degNNEFrom SS Hampton Roads to COMEASTSEAFRON then to USAF HQMERINTN/AN/A°2750N9112W
#VALUE!2905-Nov-5705:10 GMT200 miles S of New Orleans25°47’N 89°24’WASS Sebago (USCG)Coast Guard43 Radar Targets and 1 Egg shaped visualBrilliant planetRadarVisual target was flying straight/ 2nd Radar target was Circular pattern/3rd Radar was hoveringNo vapor trails2R1 = 14 to 2 miles / R2 = 22 to 55 miles / R3 = 7 to 175 miles / Visual =3 secMeteor & anomalous radar propagationGoodGoodR1 = 1 min / R2 = 2 min / R3 = 17 min / Visual =3 sec4Ens. Wayne Schotley/ Navigator Lt. Donald Schaefer/ QM-1 Kenneth Smith/ Radarman Thomas Kirk#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Visual sighting at 31 deg elev. S and NFrom COMDR 657th ACWRON to COMDR ADC ENT AFBAFR 200-2N/AN/A°2547N8924WGood follow up investigation was done.
#VALUE!2906-Nov-5720:20 GMTOff coast of N. Carolina35°22’N 74°14’WACivilian ShipCivil1Large pink illumination1/4 Hemisphere1Like Ionized Gas1AuroraPoorPoor10 min/ reappeared 4 min laterN/ANot Available#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NFrom COMCFECR to Air Tech Intel CenterNoneN/AN/A°3522N7414W
#VALUE!2906-Nov-5701:40 GMTNorth Atlantic OceanNot ReportedACivilian ShipCivil1Bright red areas11AuroraPoorPoorNot ReportedN/ANot Available#VALUE!00#VALUE!10North in East West DirectionBB Index Card OnlyNoneN/AN/A
#VALUE!3216-Jan-5812:00 LocalTrindade Island – 600 miles East of Rio de Janeiro°’ °’AAlmirante SaldanhaBrazil Navy1Disk63HoaxFairPoorNot Reported3Brazilian Navy#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Available via PhotosAvailable via PhotosONI Information Report based on report from US Naval Attaché at RioNoneN/AN/A°
#VALUE!3224-Apr-5802:45 GMTSE of Newfoundland45°5’N 49°45’WASS American HunterCivil1StreakNot ReportedMostly white; slightly orange1Straight courseWith a smoke trail2Not ReportedMeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1From OIN4271 to HQ 26th AIRDIV#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SE to NWTelex to ATIC from HQ 26th AIRDIVNot ReportedN/AN/A°455N4945W
#VALUE!3225-Apr-5823:33 GMTAtlantic Ocean38°0’N 54°30’WASS CocleCivil1CigarNot ReportedBluish Color6Straight course2Very HighInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1From OFEIN-OI 126 – Message received from Eastern Sea Frontier by Master of ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NorthTelex from COMCFECR to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°380N5430W
#VALUE!3330-May-5811:45 GMTApprox. 765 miles West of North Africa24°42’N 32°46’WAUSCG ShipCoast Guard1Shooting flame & white smokeNot ReportedShooting flame & white smoke1Falling2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1From CCGD Seven Miami FL#VALUE!10#VALUE!10WestTelex from USCG to HQ USAFNot ReportedN/AN/A°2442N3246W
#VALUE!3302-Jul-5821:15 GMTEast of Ascension Island10°20’S 9°25’WASS African PlanetCivil1Bright red missileNot ReportedBright red1Disintegrated in mid airNot Reported2Not ReportedMeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastMessage from ship was sent to Navy and relayed to Intell by Command Post. Report collected by Staff Duty OfficerNot ReportedN/AN/A°1020S925W
#VALUE!3317-Jul-5809:10 GMT76’5 16′16°0’N 76°5’WAUSCGC Santa CeciliaCoast Guard1UndeterminedNot ReportedSurrounded by White haze2Object heading east, then turned NE3 white lights emanating from main body appeared to be two light rays, one at least 8 degrees in length3Not ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoor8 min4Chief Radio Officer, Second Mate, and 2 ABS on bridge watch#VALUE!10#VALUE!10varied NEMaster sent message to USCG then US Coast Guard COMDT to Bolling AFBNot ReportedN/AN/A°160N765W
#VALUE!3320-Jul-5803:28 GMT100-135 miles SE Azores37°33’N 20°30’WACUSCG Cutter EagleCoast Guard1UndeterminedMag greater than planetBright object/ shined through overcast1High speed2Not ReportedMeteorPoorPoor10 sec1Not Reported#VALUE!11#VALUE!10EUSCG sent report to COM EAST AREANot ReportedN/AN/A°3733N2030W
#VALUE!3313-Aug-5823:35 GMTNorth of Azores45°20’N 31°0’WASS Marine ProgressCivil1White pulsating lightNot Reported3Great speed and pulsating every 8 seconds2Overhead at great heightInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported3No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SSEFrom COMR ADC to COMDR ATIC/ Report from COMEASTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°4520N310W
#VALUE!3324-Aug-5816:28 GMTEast of Norfolk, VA36°42’N 70°25’WAM/V UraniaCivil1Bright Burning ObjectNot ReportedBright white light1Falling East to NE2Not ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoor30-45 sec12nd Officer Erik Lindquinst#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NEShip reported sighting to USCG New York then to COMEASTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°3642N7025W
#VALUE!3417-Sep-588:05 GMT48’00 35’0035°0′ 48°0′AOcean Station EchoCoast Guard1Bright white lightBright white1Constant position angle2Not ReportedInsufficient DataPoorPoor2 min1Not Reported#VALUE!10#VALUE!1120 degNEFrom OSE to COMESTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°350480
#VALUE!3409-Oct-58Not GivenGulf of Campeche, Mexico19°41’N 93°31’WMXShrimp-boat KaskmerCivil1cylinder with cone4 ft in diameter/ 4ft submerged and 4ft of cone shaped nose above water/ 8 ft longpainted red6floating object1Close rangeFloating BuoyGoodPoor1 hour1Captain of Shrimp Boat#VALUE!01#VALUE!10FloatingCapt. Walter Kirkconnel called USCG vessel by RadioNot ReportedN/AN/A°1941N9331WWitness was never interviewed, but Air Force spent significant time investigating case. NAVY and USCG did not care much for this case.
#VALUE!3419-Oct-5800:40 GMTAtlantic (From Norfolk VA to Bremen, Germany46°7’N 19°25’WAMV CoolsingelCivil12 spheres attached by tubebetween thumb and forefingerVery white bright sphere with lights like portholes 6Came out of clouds, cross near across the ship, went back into cloudswith short reddish tail like a rocket3Quite low/ below clouds (1,000 to 2,000 meters)MeteorGoodGood5 to 7 sec2J. Van Tiel – 2n Officer and Spanish sailor lookout J. Del Rio Fiera#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Quite low/ below clouds (1,000 to 2,000 meters) Nearly overhead200 degMERINTN/AN/A°467N1925W
#VALUE!3421-Oct-5800:45 GMTEast of Brazil – Atlantic Ocean29°2’N 2°28’WAM/S CometaCivil1Luminous objectfull moon but w/stronger lightObject flared up for a moment now and then1Terrific speed2Probably MeteorPoorFair5 sec23rd Mate and other crew#VALUE!11#VALUE!1110 deg over horizonNorthTelegram received by Embassy CIA/ Commercial Telegraph from NorwayNot ReportedN/AN/A°292N228W
#VALUE!3406-Dec-5821:08 GMTWest of Alesund, Norway/ West of Namsos, Norway62°30’N 5°4’EASwedish Fishing Vessels: Vitofors and KuikkjokkCivil1Strong greenish light1Great speed/ Object exploded or disintegrated in flight2Great heightMeteorPoorPoorNot Reported2No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!1120 deg over horizonWest to SWUS Naval Attached – Oslo NorwayNot ReportedN/AN/A°6230N54E
#VALUE!3522-Feb-5905:30 GMT60 miles East of Puerto Rico19°10’N 57°30’WAMV ColyttoCivil1Round3 ft in diameterReddish-orange1Object was on collision course with ship, made gradual right turn before arriving overhead then gradually turned left and resumed original coursesteaming tail of gaseous flame37,500 ftMissileFairFair5 min, 1 min, and 45 sec3Second Mate Mr. Vrie, Fourth Mate Mr. Bakker, Ordinary Seaman (Crew at Dutch merchant vessel)#VALUE!11#VALUE!117,500 ft overheadWestFrom CMDR 5700th AB Group , Albrook AFB Canal Zone to ATICAFR 200-2AN/AN/A°1910N5730W
#VALUE!3622-Apr-5919:50 GMTBetween Portugal and Morocco35°56’N 8°1.5’WASS Ocean Star KingCivil1FireballVery large1Curve track225 deg altitudeMeteorFairPoor4 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!1125 deg altitudeNorthCOMEASTAREA NY to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°3556N81.5W
#VALUE!3629-May-5901:30 GMTHawaiian Islands – North Pacific25°12’N 163°50’WHawaiiUSS NewellUSN3Flaming meteors1Object fell ahead of ship2From elevation 40 deg to about 10 degMeteorPoorPoor30 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11From elevtion 40 deg to about 10 degNot GivenFrom USS Newell direct Telex to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°2512N16350W
#VALUE!3631-May-5909:00 GMTHawaiian Islands – North Pacific24°0’N 162°50’WHawaiiUSS Plumas County steaming in company of USS Lincoln County and USS St. Clair CountyUSN1White glowfirst glowed dimly then brightened as if exploding then disappeared12MeteorPoorPoor3 sec33 ships simultaneously#VALUE!10#VALUE!10E to WUSS Plumas County (LST) Telex directly to ATIC WPAFBNot ReportedN/AN/A°240N16250W
#VALUE!3630-May-5919:45 GMTHawaiian Islands – North Pacific21°40’N 149°24’WHawaiiUSS Denald CountyUSN1Bright meteorbrightened considerable as it fell1leaving red trail & finally disintegrating into shower of red pieces2MeteorPoorPoor6 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Altitude= 43 degWNWUSS Denald County (LST) Telex directly to ATIC WPAFBNot ReportedN/AN/A°2140N14924W
#VALUE!3609-Jul-5901:00 GMTOcho Rios, Bahamas / SE of Florida 21°13’N 68°24’WASS Esso StockholmCivil1rocket shapeLargew/ lights when passing overhead2Heavy Tail2MissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Altitude= 10 deg120 degFrom Coast Guard Division 7 in Miami, FLNot ReportedN/AN/A°2113N6824W
#VALUE!3609-Jul-5901:30 GMTOcho Rios, Bahamas / SE of Florida 26°5’N 73°5’WASS Caltex AucklandCivil1rocket shapew/ three lights 22MissilePoorPoor10 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastFrom Coast Guard Division 7 in Miami, FLMERINTN/AN/A°265N735W
#VALUE!3609-Jul-5901:10 GMTOcho Rios, Bahamas / SE of Florida 26°49’N 73°39’WAMS/S AllobrogiaCivil1rocket shapew/ three lights over vessel22MissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastFrom Coast Guard Division 7 in Miami, FLMERINTN/AN/A°2649N7339W
#VALUE!3730-Sep-5910/1/ 01:30 GMTWest Coast of Florida28°12’N 85°15’WFLCGC NemesisCoast Guard1Brilliant Flare12FlarePoorPoor30-40 min3+USCG + numerous other fishing vessels#VALUE!10#VALUE!1125 deg altitudeSEUSCG Cutter to USCG Dist. 7th then to CINCONADCOMNot ReportedN/AN/A°2812N8515W
#VALUE!3701-Nov-5923:20 GMTAtlantic Ocean31°14’N 61°57’WAMV Rio de LaPlataCivil1Bright objectWhite blue of great intensity1red gas wake remained for 20 min2Altitude = 22 degMeteorPoorPoor20 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Altitude = 22 degFallingFrom ship to CG District 5 then to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°3114N6157W
#VALUE!3708-Nov-5908:25 GMTNE of Hawaii37°8’N 169°52’WPSS City of AlmacoCivil1Bright objectEmitted 3 flashes3Object made low arc and struck water24 miles North of positionProbably MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported3No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10FallingFrom ship to Hawaii Air Defense DivisionMERINTN/AN/A°378N16952WObject hit water
#VALUE!3717-Nov-5904:40 GMT320 miles East of Nanteo, NCNot GivenAUSS SkywatcherUSN1Tear drop shapesize of peaGreenish light1Faded out with added brightnessSmoky trail2MeteorPoorPoor1 to 1.5 sec2P.N. Frederick (Standby Lookout) & A.P. Narvesan (Security Watch)#VALUE!11#VALUE!10SouthFrom ship to COMDR NY Air Def Sect McGuire AFB NJ then to ATICAFR 200-2N/AN/A°
#VALUE!3725-Nov-5900:45 GMTAtlantic Ocean11°55’N 73°15’WASS Santa MonicaCivil1Bright fiery object1Exploded and burst like roman candle2MeteorPoorPoor4 sec1Master of ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev = 45 degEastFrom Ship to COMEASTSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°1155N7315W
#VALUE!3710-Mar-6002:34 GMTGulf of Mexico26°29’N 87°47’WAUSCG Cutter CahooneCoast Guard1Flashbright light1with trail2Probably MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported3No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Altitude = 40 degSouthFrom CG Cutter to COMDR 2047th AACS AACS SQ Maxwell AFB AlabamaNot ReportedN/AN/A°2629N8747W
#VALUE!3801-Apr-6009:12 GMTENE of Hawaii26°0’N 147°17’WPSS LurilaneCivil1Very bright objectlighted sea for 12 miles1lower and slower than meteor2MeteorPoorPoor10 sec1Ship#VALUE!10#VALUE!10DescendingShip report sent to Hawaii DEF Div Wheeler AFBMERINTN/AN/A°260N14717W
#VALUE!3808-Apr-6007:30 GMTWest of Hawaiian Islands25°34.5’N 179°53’EPCommander Task Unit 32.0.4USN1Bright objecttail was 10 deg long; body appeared to be about the size of a dimeBlue and red object with blue tail1disappeared over clouds2Probably MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Altitude = 25 degSE to NEFrom CTU to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedN/AN/A°2534.5N17953E
#VALUE!3811-May-6007:06 GMTWSW of Hawaiian IslandsNot ReportedPUSS NavasotaUSN1Meteor like objecttail same size as head/ pea sizered head and bluish white tail1Diminished in brilliance until it disappeared2Probably MeteorPoorPoor5 sec1No Details#VALUE!01#VALUE!10SouthFrom NAVASOTA to PACAFOPNAVINST 3820.9 / CINCPACFLTINST 3820.3N/AN/A°
#VALUE!3825-Jun-6000:34 GMTVicinity of Ascension IslandNot ReportedAOperations Range Vessel – ORV WhiskeyUSN1Bright glow Light was white or yellowish and appeared to radiate in 360 deg circle11100 yards from Data Cassette to be recovered in the oceanFlareGoodPoor10 sec51 Aircrafts with 2 witnesses and one ship with 3 witnesses; PAA Diver, RCA Photographer & Recovery Specialist#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Floating100 yards from boat and 25 deg off starboardManager of Operations Planning sent letter to AF Missile Test Center , Patrick AFB , FloridaNot ReportedN/AN/A°Interesting case of UFO floating on water and then taking off. Poor Data Quality Report but good investigation.
#VALUE!3825-Jun-6000:15 GMTVicinity of West Indies18°0’N 54°10’WAESSO ManchesterCivil1Fairly brilliantBrighter than MarsYellow1Climb at fast speed2Missile – Titan Missile from Cape CanaveralPoorPoorNot Reported74 MERINT Reports from Sea / 1 from Airlines /1 from Nassau Cay/ 1 San Juan CG#VALUE!11#VALUE!10120 degShip to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°180N5410WExcellent example of Merint Reports Working to describe UFO
#VALUE!3929-Jul-6019:04 GMTAtlantic OceanLocation Not GivenASS ExilonaCivil1Oblongsilver gray6Contrail lasted 3 hrs2MissilePoorPoor3 min1Master of ship#VALUE!00#VALUE!10Ship to COMASDEFORLANTNot Reported°Polaris Test 2793
#VALUE!3906-Aug-6023:00 GMTAtlantic off Florida29°57’N 79°42’WAUSCG Ship BethexCoast Guard1White colored flarewith green projectile 20 ft from flare2StationaryProjectile being 3 inches in diameter and 3 ft long12 to 3 miles NE of flareSonobuoyPoorPoor2 hours1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10From Coast Guard Seven to COMDR 32 NORAD RGN DIR of Intell Dobins AFB GAMERINTN/AN/A°2957N7942WASW Force Jacksonville conducting search
#VALUE!3910-Aug-6022:54 GMTAtlantic Ocean24°10’N 49°17’WANRI ItacieloCivil1Green light1Moving FastFollowed by white smoke2MissilePoorPoor11 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Alt = 41 degNW to SEFrom ship to COMANDER East AreaMERINTN/AN/A°2410N4917WMissile test from Cape Canaveral Test 2818
#VALUE!3929-Aug-6011:16 GMT Vicinity of Taiwan24°41.5’N 119°38.8’EFAUSS BoydUSN1Roundsize of pinheadwhite object; bright as planet1Disappeared over horizon2Echo IPoorFair4 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Alt = 35 degNEFrom Ship to US Taiwan JOC Taipei TaiwanCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3N/A°2441.5N11938.8E
#VALUE!4003-Sep-6011:24 GMTVicinity of Taiwan24°20’N 114°0’EFAUSS BoydUSN1Roundsize of pinheadwhite object; bright as planet1Disappeared in low clouds2Echo IPoorPoor11 min3Capt. B.U. Smith, CDR H.C. Behner, and Watch Personnel#VALUE!11#VALUE!10ESECINCPACFLT INST 3820.3N/A°2420N1140E
#VALUE!4008-Sep-6008:15 GMTNorth of Hawaiian Islands30°0’N 162°39.5’WPUSS NewellUSN1Brilliant ObjectYellow green1Traveling S to N2Probably MeteorPoorPoor5 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NFrom ship to COMBARPACMERINTN/A°300N16239.5W
#VALUE!4105-Dec-6011:48 GMTJapan34°7’N 140°27’EPUSS Gunston HallUSN1Spherical objectsize of peabright red1Fell straight down; appeared to breakup and extinguish rapidly.tail streaming behind diminishing in brightness, length about width of silver dollar2MeteorFairFair4-5 sec2A.H. Clark Lt. USN on Duty as officer of the Deck and V.A. Walker GMC USN Junior Officer of the Deck#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 degNShip report to 5th Air Force Fuchu Air Station Japan; Naval Message to PACAF Hickam AFB/CINCPACFLT/CNOMoon DustPriorityYes°347N14027EShip sends report to Moon Dust Command and Project Space Track
#VALUE!4106-Dec-6011:18 GMTJapan33°50’N 142°20’EPUSS Gunston HallUSN1Bright objectPinhead sizeIncandescent white with white tail1Disappeared by breaking up and extinguishingTail length about width of baseball2Probably MeteorFairFair2 sec2J.S. Eckenrod LTJG USN on Duty as Officer of the Deck and by 4 deck seaman on watch#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 degWSWNaval message from ship to CG USAFPAC/OthersNot ReportedPriorityYes°3350N14220E
#VALUE!4119-Dec-6009:21 GMTSE Guam11°41’N 147°4’EPUSS HaverfieldUSN1Satellite like1st Magnitude star1Straight Flight2SatelliteFairFair19 min3CO, XO, OMD-PSOS#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev = 15 degSEShip to Andersen AFB Guam then ATIC based on AFR 200-2CINCPACFLT INST 3820.3N/A°1141N1474E
#VALUE!4110-Jan-6117:44 GMTAtlantic19°48’N 73°40’WAUSS Franklin D. RooseveltUSN1N/ASpeed = 3960 knotsN/APicked by Radar SPS 12 TrackMissilePoorPoor1 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SouthCINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2CN/A°1948N7340WPolaris Missile from Cape Canaveral
#VALUE!4114-Jan-6105:17 GMTPacific Ocean53°35’N 162°0’WPSS Ocean MailCivil1Bright objectGreat brilliance1Moving Easterly 2MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 55 degEastShip report to COMNAVDEFEASTPACMERINTOperational ImmediateYes°5335N1620W
#VALUE!4124-Jan-6122:05 GMT3 Ships in Atlantic – US East Coast23°55’N 58°25’WASS ZephyrosCivil1Illuminated bodySurrounded by cloud of smoke1Falling2MissilePoorPoor3 min1Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev = 60 degSEMERINTN/A°2355N5825WCape Canaveral fired Atlas rocket a few minute before sighting
#VALUE!4129-Jan-6109:12 GMTAtlantic25°43’N 48°22’WAUSS PecosUSN1Apparent satelliteSame magnitude as Vega1Traveling very fast2Very HighInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10130 deg TrueShip to COMASDEFORLANT NORVA MERINTN/AN/A°2543N4822W
#VALUE!4108-Feb-6119:57 GMT149’42 23’3423°34’N 149°42’WPUSS John S. McCainUSN1Bright object White with appearance of 1st mag star1Object was seen again 2 hour and 8 min later2SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 degNEShip to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedRoutineYes°2334N14942W
#VALUE!4111-Feb-6105:00 GMTPacific Ocean9°36’N 145°15’WPSS Lone StarCivil1Round white object1Moving slowly2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 deg45 degShip radio telephone to COMNAVDEFEASTPACMERINTN/AN/A°936N14515W
#VALUE!4121-Feb-6101:05 GMT150 nmiles East of Cape Canaveral28°15’N 77°41’WASS Erihio Civil1Object was bright and circular1 ft in diameterAmber colored object6Rising to sky very rapidly; followed by 2 wings forming 1 parabola in center of which was main body2Probable MissilePoorPoor90 sec6Master plus 5 crew members#VALUE!11#VALUE!10SW to NEShip report to Coast Guard Division SevenMERINTN/AN/A°2815N7741WCape Canaveral launched a Titan missile at 01:00 GMT
#VALUE!4105-Mar-6119:00 GMTAtlantic Ocean49°38’N 20°26’WAM/V Prince Willem Van OranjCivil2Missile like5One going about 90 deg the other 100 degStreaks of smoke still visible 1 hr later2Insufficient DataPoorPoor40 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10From ship to Coast Guard NY then to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°4938N2026W
#VALUE!4215-Mar-6119:42 GMTAtlantic Ocean37°35’N 9°14’WAUSS CardUSN1Bright objectMagnitude 1.71Straight course2High altitudeInsufficient DataPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 27 degBearing 263 degMerint Report to CINCLANTFLTMERINTN/AN/A°3735N914W
#VALUE!4203-Apr-6102:30 GMTPacific Ocean34°34’N 132°15’WPSS President GrantCivil1Elongated objectN/AHigh rate of speedN/AInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NEMERINTN/AN/A°3434N13215W
#VALUE!4213-Apr-6119:55 GMTFar East28°51’N 131°45’EPUSS Coral SeaUSN1Round object; bright lightBrighter than most stars1Moving bright light very fastNo trail or exhaust2Insufficient DataPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 degW to ENaval Message to 5th AFCINCPACFLT 3820.3PriorityYes°2851N13145E
#VALUE!4226-Apr-6111:40 GMTEast Indies4°20’N 111°3’EAUSS EversoleUSN1White object2nd Mag star1Straight course2SatelliteFairFair12 min4CO, OOD, JOOD, and Lookout#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 degENaval Message from ship to CNO & USAF Pac Hickam AFBNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°420N1113E
#VALUE!4209-May-6118:45 GMTFar East22°22’N 124°0’EPUSS James E. KyesUSN1Bright round objectsize of pin headWhite1Straight course; Speed approx. 10 deg arc per min2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported2OOD and JOOD#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 33 deg120 deg TureNaval Message from ship to COMNAVFORJAPCINCPACFLT 3820.3PriorityYes°2222N1240E
#VALUE!4216-May-6100:30 GMTAtlantic Ocean56°17’N 50°52’WACivilian Ship – United States LinesCivil1Bright Object1Straight Course; high speed2Possible SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not ReportedShip radio to Ocean Station Bravo. OSB telex to COMEASTAREA then to CINCLANTFLTMERINTN/AN/A°5617N5052W
#VALUE!4216-May-6105:31 GMTAtlantic Ocean43°46’N 37°0’WANavy CINCLANT FleetUSN2two white lightsWhite blinking light4Speed est. Mach 2280,000 ftInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10217 degTelexNot ReportedN/AN/A°4346N370W
#VALUE!4201-Jun-6108:45 GMTFar East34°2’N 164°17’EPOcean Station VictorCoast Guard1Star like objectBrighter than star12High altitudeEcho I SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 70 deg then 19 degESE /120 deg TrueShip report picked up by CG District Fourteen – Naval Message from OSV to COMWESTAREAMERINTFlash/ EMERGENCYYes°342N16417E
#VALUE!4202-Jun-6111:00 GMTOff San Clemente Island, Wilsons Cove°’ °’CAMV Morning StarCivil1Round to Oblong/ Changing back and forthBright Incandescent bluish tinge1Speed faster than star but slower than A/C/ Disappeared into cloud2Insufficient DataPoorPoor15 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10East to WestMerchant Vessel sent via Coast Guard then to COMNAVDEFEASTPACMERINTN/AN/A°
#VALUE!4210-Jun-6111:25 GMT131’27 17’5317°53.5’N 131°27’EPUSS RowanUSN1Bright objectBrilliance of 1st Mag star1Moving at orbital speed2Echo I SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 60 deg to 25 degSENaval Message from ship to COMSEVENTHFLTNot ReportedPriorityYes°1753.5N13127E
#VALUE!4210-Jun-6111:18 GMTFar East19°25’N 116°20’EPSS Korean BearCivil1Bright objectBrilliant as Jupiter1Emitted fire and fragments while continuing on course2Insufficient DataPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 60 deg to 20 degSEReport from ship to Naval Defense Forces Eastern PacificNot ReportedN/AN/A°1925N11620E
#VALUE!4211-Jul-6101:50 GMTAtlantic Ocean30°30’N 76°25’WASS PuebloCivil1Diamond shapewith light at each point 2 red and 2 white2Very high speed2Medium altitudeAircraftPoorPoorNot Reported1Master#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastShip report to Coast Guard District 5 then to CINCLANTFLTMERINTN/AN/A°3030N7625W
#VALUE!4213-Jul-6100:40 GMTAtlantic Ocean23°16’N 69°27’WASS Olympic BreezeCivil1Fireball1Object exploded with a big bang then extinguished itself and a circular white cloud was spreading blown by windParticles fell into sea1MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Merint Report from ship to COMGANTSMERINTN/AN/A°2316N6927W
#VALUE!4218-Jul-6114:00 GMTPacific Ocean0°49’S 170°24’WPSS M. E. LombardiCivil1Steady white light1Straight course motion2SatellitePoorPoor20 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg then to 15 degSSEMerint Report from ship to COMWESTSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°049S17024W
#VALUE!4324-Jul-6107:00 GMTPacific Ocean24°50’N 152°20’WPSS Flying A CaliforniaCivil1Bright objectwhite; brilliance of 1st mag star1Straight course motion2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 deg then 60 degNNEMerint Report to COMHAWSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°2450N15220W
#VALUE!4304-Aug-6108:50 GMTPacific Ocean42°30’N 173°8’WPUSS ForsterUSN1RoundSize of peaWhite object; bright as 1st mag star1Straight course passed overhead2Probably SatellitePoorPoor15 min8V.L. McBeth SA USN Lookout, OOD, CO, and 5 bridge watch standers#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 8 deg to 90 degNENaval Message from ship to CINCPACAFCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°4230N1738W
#VALUE!4306-Aug-6108:00 GMTFar East22°27’N 175°19’EPCivilian Ship – United States LinesCivil2Bright objectsLight Pulsating42 objects; one behind the other pulsating; speed = 9 times of echo2Insufficient DataPoorPoor10 sec3Civilian and 2 AB’s while on watch#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 53 degNorth to SouthNot ReportedN/AN/A°2227N17519E
#VALUE!4318-Aug-6116:00 GMTPacific Ocean24°53’N 150°22’WPSS LurlineCivil1Vapor trailN/AMoved southerly over vessel and spread rapidlyVapor Trail from horizon to horizon2Low altitude vapor trailProbably MissilePoorPoor5 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SouthMerint Report to Hawaii Air DEF Division KuniaMERINTN/AN/A°2453N15022WDown rage from Vandenberg
#VALUE!4304-Sep-6107:34 GMTPacific Ocean34°47’N 166°19’WPNAVAIR/SAR ShipCivil1Star likeSize and brightness of 1st Mag starWhite12SatellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 degEastMerint Report to Hawaii Air DEF Division KuniaMERINTN/AN/A°3447N16619W
#VALUE!4313-Sep-6110:00 GMTEast Coast of US32°0’N 68°54’WAUSS SarsfieldUSN1White light similar to planet. Resembled small disc.Expanded rapidly then exploded forming thin orange-colored mass 3 time diameter of sun.1light approached rapidly from North above and behind low cumulus cloud bank. 2Rocket LaunchGoodGood5-7 sec4Navigator, OOD, JOOD, and Lookouts#VALUE!11#VALUE!11SNaval Message from ship to CNO/CINCLANTFLTNot ReportedRoutineYes°320N6854WConfirmed NASA Experimental rocket launch from Wallops Island, Virginai. Release of Sodium Material over 100 miles up
#VALUE!4423-Oct-6114:30 GMTPacific Ocean58°14’N 143°55’WPMV ChenaCivil1White flash1No Tail2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported2Captain and Pilot#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NNaval Message from CCGD 17 to COMALSEAFRONAFR 200- and OPNAV INST 3820.9/ CGD17 Operations Instruction 29-61PriorityYes°5814N14355W
#VALUE!4423-Oct-6115:09 GMTPacific Ocean58°46’N 144°29’WPUSS Harris CountyUSN1Bluish white flash1Straight course Meteor type tail or trail of smoke2MeteorPoorPoor3 sec2Lookout & Officer on watch#VALUE!10#VALUE!1065 degNaval Message from CCGD 17th to COMALSEAFRONAFR 200- and OPNAV INST 3820.9/ CGD17 Operations Instruction 29-61Operational ImmediateYes°5846N14429W
#VALUE!4430-Oct-6103:59 GMTPacific Ocean30°30’N 158°35’EPUSS NobleUSN1Object w/brightness of 2nd mag star1Straight course ; observed to make slight changed of course to the right3Satellite EchoPoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 66 degSENaval Message from USS Noble to COM HAW SEAFRONNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°3030N15835E
#VALUE!4403-Nov-6104:58 GMTPacific Ocean24°15’N 170°15’WPUSS DurantUSN1Round objectPin-head sizeWhite12Echo I satellitePoorFair8 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 70 degNENaval Message from USS Durant to COMHAWSEAFRONNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°2415N17015W
#VALUE!4409-Nov-6106:30 GMTFar East30°5’N 175°0’EPUSC GC WinnebagoCoast Guard1Star-like objectBrightness of 2nd mag star1Straight course 2Echo I satellitePoorPoor15 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NEMerint report from CGC Winnebago to CRMEDWESRQ UCH to COMHAWSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°305N1750E
#VALUE!4412-Nov-6104:31 GMTPacific Ocean28°34’N 163°42’WPUSS DurantUSN1Round objectPin-head sizeWhite1Straight course 2Echo I satellitePoorPoor9 min3LCDR USN, LTJG USNR OOD, QMI USN ASST NAV#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NEMerint report from USS Durante to Haw AIR DEF DIV Kunia Annex HawaiiMERINTN/AN/A°2834N16342W
#VALUE!4415-Nov-6122:32 GMTAtlantic Ocean28°4’N 69°5’WASS VentureCivil1Cone shaped objectExtreme brilliance; sparks emitted from below object6Tail executing slow parabolic curveWith comet tail2Missile – Transit 4BPoorPoor4 min1Master o fship#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg then to 20 degSEMerint report from civilian ship to CCGD 7 (Coast Guard District 7)MERINTN/AN/A°284N695W
#VALUE!4415-Dec-6100:40 GMTAtlantic Ocean50°31’N 17°30’WAUSS General W.O. DarbyUSN1Missile likeBlue-white-red-green 2Sparking observed when object crossed bow; maintained glide path2Insufficient dataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NWMerint report from USNS GEN WO Darby to COMASWFORLANTMERINTN/AN/A°5031N1730W
#VALUE!4415-Dec-6118:25 GMTPacific Ocean40°0’N 174°0’WPUSS LansingUSN1Bright object like satelliteObject with 2nd mag star brightness1Straight course 2Insufficient DataPoorPoor5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Elev. = 75 deg then 80 degMerint report from USS Lansing to Air Div Kunia Facility HawaiiMERINTN/AN/A°400N1740W
#VALUE!4420-Dec-6118:25 GMTPacific Ocean40°7.5’N 173°5’WPUSS DurantUSN1round objectsize and mag of Venus1Straight course 2Probable Satellite Echo IPoorFair5 min4CO, Navigator, QM1, and Asst. Navigator#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 62 deg then to 30 degNENaval message from USS Durant to Hickam AFB Hawaii/ COMALSEAFRON/ Others; then MERINT report from HAW AIR DEF DIV KUNIA Annex Hawaii to USAFMERINTPriorityYes°407.5N1735WExample of both Naval Message and MERINT being sent by Navy Used 7X50 Binoculars
#VALUE!4414-Jan-6218:51 GMTPacific Ocean31°31’N 171°52’EPUS CGC WinnebagoCoast Guard1Satellite like12Altitude very highEcho SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NEMerint Report from USC GC Winnebago to COMHAWSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°3131N17152E
#VALUE!4415-Jan-6211:15 GMTAtlantic Ocean38°30’N 74°20’WASS President Van BurenCivil99 Blue-green objectsSize of 1st and 2nd Mag Stars; varying in brilliance and had red halos5Flying together in various random patterns; Objects flew on various courses, NNE then E then SE then S3Medium to high altitudeProbably AircraftPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NNE then E then SE then SouthShip notified CG District 5/ Telex from CCGD Five to CINCLANTFLT/ USAFNot ReportedN/AN/A°3830N7420WOdd report does not seem to match A/C explanation. Also seen in Jamaica according to Memo attached
#VALUE!4429-Jan-6223:40 GMTFrom South Carolina to Puerto Rico32°6’N 67°5’WASS Federal MonarchCivil1Globular object 1/4 diameter of moonresembling cluster of flashing lights4 with trail of luminous haze2MissilePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 25 degSESS Federal Monarch reports to USCG NY who reports to COMEASTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°326N675WCase shows that Merint and AFR -200-2 worked.
#VALUE!4413-Feb-6207:32 GMTPacific Ocean29°10’N 163°20’WPUSS LansingUSN1Satellite – Echo IBrightness of 1st Mag Star12High ElevationEcho satellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10SETelex & Naval Message from Air Div Kunia Facility Hawaii to ATICNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°2910N16320W
#VALUE!4421-Feb-6209:10 GMTPacific Ocean21°16’N 121°40’EPUSS Vernon CountyUSN2SphericalPea sizeWhite5Small object above and right of large object2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min4Longton (CO), Psassantino (XO), Yates (OOD), and Hammond (QM2)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 22 deg then 05 degE and SENaval message from USS Vernon to CG Fifth AF PACAFCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°2116N12140ESeen with 25X Telescope
#VALUE!4422-Feb-6210:23 GMTPacific Ocean21°16’N 121°40’EPUSS NobleUSN1Bright objectBrightness of 1st Mag Star1Straight course 2Echo I SatellitePoorFair5 min4+Navigator, CO, OOD, JOOW and 1,000+ men#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 35 deg then 20 degSENaval message from USS Noble to USAF PAC / 5th AF FUCHU AS JapanNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°2116N12140E
#VALUE!4526-Feb-6201:05 GMTPacific Ocean9°14’N 90°32’WPSS Hawaiian Retailer KrozCivil1Bright object1Straight course 2Echo I SatellitePoorPoor3 min1Dobbs 2nd Officer#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 59 deg then 34 degSEMerint report from ship to COMWESTSEAFRON Navy San FranciscoMERINTN/AN/A°914N9032W
#VALUE!4505-Mar-6208:25 GMTPacific Ocean58°28’S 174°4’EPUSS ArnebUSN1Bright objectBrightness of 1st Mag Star1Straight course motion2Echo I SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 degENaval Message from USS Arneb to COMNAVSUPPFOR AntarcticaNot ReportedDeferredYes°5828S1744E
#VALUE!4517-Mar-6213:34 GMTNE of Hawaiian Islands32°48’N 118°45’WPUSS EstesUSN1Ball of flameSize of dimeLight blue1Straight course with tail 5 times length2MeteorFairFair2 sec3+CO, EO and others#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg to 25 degENaval message from USS Estes to CG Vandenburg AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3RoutineYes°3248N11845W
#VALUE!4503-Apr-6207:00 GMTAtlantic Ocean40°55’N 46°48’WAUSS Lt. Geo W.G. BoyceUSN1Bright objectBrightness greater than 1st Mag Star1Straight course & high speed 1,000 MPH2Extremely high altitudeSatellitePoorPoor6 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10EMerint Report from Ship to EASTSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°4055N4648W
#VALUE!4507-Apr-6217:30 GMTPacific Ocean22°40’N 125°0’EPUSS NobleUSN1Bright objectBrightness of 2nd Mag star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min3+OOD, JOOD, and bridge watch personnel#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg then 5 degNNENaval Message from USS Noble to Hickam AFBNot ReportedOperational ImmediateYes°2240N1250EUsed sextant and binoculars.
#VALUE!4512-Apr-6200:45 GMTAtlantic Ocean31°11’N 65°43’WAUSS MaloyUSN1Bright objectWhite1Straight course , speed = 1,000 MPH2MeteorPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10310 degNaval message from USS Maloy to CINCLANTFLTNot ReportedFlashYes°3111N6543W
#VALUE!4512-Apr-6215:31 GMTPacific Ocean10°52’N 149°59’WPUSS NewellUSN1Small starSmall peaWhite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min3Morin (XO), Southwick (OOD), Simmons (SM2)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 28 deg to 20 deg150 degNaval message from USS Newell to USAF Pack Hickam AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3EmergencyYes°1052N14959W
#VALUE!4519-Apr-6211:24 GMTPacific Ocean14°59’N 149°2’EPUSS ThomastonUSN1Round objectPea sizeWhite1Straight circular courseNo Tail2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 deg to 25 degSENaval Message from ship to CNO & CINCPACFLTNot ReportedRoutineYes°1459N1492EUsed binoculars.
#VALUE!4522-Apr-6207:50 GMTNear Wake Island18°45’N 166°0’EPUSS ThomastonUSN1Round objectPea sizeWhite1Straight circular course; Fast speedNo Tail2Echo IPoorFair5 min5OOD, JOOD, OPS Officer, Lookout and Quartermaster#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 35 deg then 10 degNENaval message from ship to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedPriorityYes°1845N1660E
#VALUE!4522-Apr-6216:16 GMTNear Wake Island19°6’N 168°12’EPUSS ThomastonUSN1Round objectPea sizeWhite1Straight circular courseShort reddish tail2Echo IPoorFair5 min4OOD, JOOD, Lookout and Quartermaster#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 48 deg to 4 degSENaval Message from ship to CNO/CINCLANTFLTNot ReportedPriorityYes°196N16812EUSS Thomaston reported satellites 3 times, then never again. Did the Captain learn about satelittes? How come no other ships reported satellites. Reporting seems to be totally arbitrary.
#VALUE!4523-Apr-6207:15 GMTNear Midway27°9’N 176°34’EPCOMPHIBRON OneUSN1Star likeWhite1Straight course 2Echo IPoorFair5 min2Rohan (Navigator) and Burdick (QM2)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 40 deg to 30 degENaval message from COMPHIBRON ONE to CG Fifth AFCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°279N17634E
#VALUE!4526-Apr-6208:04 GMTPacific Ocean30°0’N 138°30’WPA/C and Ocean Station NovemberCoast Guard1Flare likeGreen1Straight course 2MeteorPoorPoor5 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10ETelex from Air Div Kunia Facility Hawaii to PACAF Hickam AFBCIRVISN/AN/A°300N13830W
#VALUE!4502-May-6204:20 GMT137’19 28’3128°31’N 137°19’WPShip Report from Hawaii BaseUSN1Falling Star like objectBrightness of 1st Mag starWhite1Straight course Small tail2MeteorPoorFair5 min32 Navigators and Quartermaster#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 degfrom 18 deg to 30 degTelex from Air Div Kunia Facility Hawaii to PACAF Hickam AFBNot ReportedN/AN/A°2831N13719W
#VALUE!4502-May-6205:25 GMTPacific Ocean28°23’N 137°30’WPCOMPHIBRON OneUSN1Bright objectLarger than 1st Mag StarRed, white and blue2Straight course 2Insufficient dataPoorFair5 min1Furgerson (Staff Watch)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg to 14 degSNaval message from COMPHIBRON ONE to WADF HamiltonCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°2823N13730W25 min duration is too long for plane or satellite? Observed with 20 Power Glass
#VALUE!4511-May-6202:00 GMTPacific Ocean42°50’N 155°20’EPSS Washington BearCivil24 engine aircraft with red markingsMid wing swept tailRed V on tail and red star6Flew low over ship; 100 ft above surface then pull up to steep climb3AircraftPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Merint report from ship to Ocean Station Victor/ Naval Message from OSV to COMWESTAREA CCGDMERINTEmergencyYes°4250N15520EWhy is Soviet A/C reported to Blue Book?
#VALUE!4514-May-6207:10 GMTPacific Ocean5°21’N 157°28’WPUSS ForsterUSN1Round Solid with glowSize of 1st Mag StarOrange white with yellowish cast1Straight course No Tail2SatellitePoorFair5 min3+OOD, Boatswain of watch, Lookout, and entire bridge watch#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 deg then to 52 degS to SENaval message from ship to USAF PACCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°521N15728W
#VALUE!4517-May-6208:35 GMTPacific Ocean30°30’N 174°17’EPCGC WinnebagoCoast Guard1Satellite lookingWhite1Straight course ; 2,000 MPH2Echo IPoorPoor15 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10130 deg TMerint Report from Ship to CINCPACFLTMERINTN/AN/A°3030N17417ECINCNORAD evaluated it as satellite
#VALUE!4522-May-6206:45 GMTPacific Ocean25°29’N 172°52’WPUSS Stone CountyUSN1Bright shiny object1Straight course 2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 25 deg then 0 degSEMerint report from Ship to Air Div Kunia Facility HawaiiMERINTN/AN/A°2529N17252W
#VALUE!4513-Jun-6217:00 GMTPacific Ocean8°8’N 105°5’EPUSS MathewsUSN1Bright object; pear shapedBrighter than 1st Mag Star; 2 to 3 times the size of any planetBrighter than Venus; white cloudy glow appeared to grow around center1Object disappeared and reappeared; gaining altitude rapidly; object appeared to be superimposed upon a course of 4 or 5 small lights3Formalhaut StarPoorPoorover 5 hours1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Elev. = 0 deg then 73 degNaval message from USS Mathews to CINCPACFLTNot ReportedDeferredYes°88N1055EDescription of behavior was explained as distortions due to atmospheric phenomena
#VALUE!4604-Jul-6209:08 GMTPacific Ocean11°45’N 174°52’WPUSS ForsterUSN1Round object1st Mag StarSolid glow; bluish white1Straight course No Tail2SatellitePoorFair5 min3OOD, CO, and Bridge Watch#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 deg then 05 degNENaval Message from Ship to CINCPACFLT HICKAMCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°1145N17452W
#VALUE!4606-Jul-6205:30 GMTPacific OceanFM 005/ 061PUSS FalgoutUSN1Round; Star like objectBright as 1st Mag starWhite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min5Lookouts, OOD, CO and Navigator#VALUE!01#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 deg to 0 degNEMERINT ReportCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°CO says that all observers have seen satellies before; then why report this one?
#VALUE!4618-Jul-6214:00 GMTPacific Ocean0°49’S 170°24’WPSS ME LombardiCivil1Satellite lookingWhite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg then 15 degNNW to SSECivilian Merint Report to COMWESTSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°049S17024W
#VALUE!4629-Jul-6210:47 GMTPacific Ocean34°42’N 163°42’EPOcean Station VictorCoast Guard1Bright objectBrighter than 1st Mag StarBlue white1Straight course 2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 80 degSOSV Report to Air Div Kunia Facility HawaiiNot ReportedN/AN/A°3442N16342E
#VALUE!4629-Jul-6221:18 GMTAtlantic Ocean31°6’N 32°18’EAMS FerngateCivil1Bright star like or satellite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min1First Officer Nygard#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Down to HorizonEastCivilian ship to Navy Hydrographic Office then to NASA then to BBNot ReportedN/AN/A°316N3218E
#VALUE!4631-Jul-6209:10 GMTPacific Ocean34°0’N 163°50’EPCGC MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectBrighter than 1st Mag StarWhite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 degESEFrom USCG ship to COFS USAD and COMWESTAREANot ReportedN/AN/A°340N16350E
#VALUE!4608-Aug-6208:35 GMTPacific Ocean33°52’N 163°56’EPNavy Ship – Name not reportedUSN1Bright objectBrighter than 1st Mag StarWhite1Straight course 2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 79 degSETelex from NIFV to HBDRNot ReportedN/AN/A°3352N16356E
#VALUE!4622-Aug-6215:35 GMTPacific Ocean4°12’S 154°4’WPUSS DurantUSN1Bright object; star like1st Mag Star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min2Ike (Exec) and Harris (OOD)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 43 deg to 25 degNENaval Message from USS DURANT to Hickam AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°412S1544W
#VALUE!4623-Aug-6205:05 GMTPacific Ocean7°18’S 153°41’WPUSS DurantUSN1Bright objectBrightness of 2nd Mag star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min2Davidson (BM of Watch) and Lookout#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg to 25 degNENaval Message from USS DURANT to Hickam AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°718S15341W
#VALUE!4623-Aug-6206:11 GMTPacific Ocean7°34’S 153°39’WPUSS DurantUSN1Bright objectBrightness of 2nd Mag star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min3Laipply (LTJG), IKE (OOD), Mclennan (JOOD)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg to 56 degSTelex from Air Kunia Facility to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°734S15339WUsed 7X50 Binoculars
#VALUE!4629-Aug-6217:30 GMTPacific Ocean35°4’N 144°10’EPCGC MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectLess than 1st Mag Star1Straight course 2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 degNTelex from CGC Matagorda to COMWESTAREA and COFS USAF then from Kunia Air Div to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°354N14410E
#VALUE!4630-Aug-6208:20 GMTPacific Ocean23°34’S 163°44’WPUSS DurantUSN1Bright objectSize of Venus1Straight course but speed seemed irregular2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min2Simpson (OOD) and Dale (Lookout)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 5 deg to 10 degEastNaval Message from USS Durant to Hickam AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°2334S16344W
#VALUE!4601-Sep-6221:30 GMTAtlantic Ocean3°8’S 35°56’WASS Hyperion – Civilian Greek TankerCivil1RocketWhite star like color1Very Fast, straight like motion2Rocket or MissilePoorPoor2 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NEShip report to Coast Guar Station in San Juan then to CG District 7 then to COMCARIBSEAFRONNot ReportedN/AN/A°38S3556W
#VALUE!4602-Sep-6218:19 GMTPacific Ocean34°35’N 163°3’EPOcean Station VictorCoast Guard1Bright objectBright as 1st Mag Star1Straight course 2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 38 degNETelex from OS Victor to COFS USAF, COMWESTAREA, othersNot ReportedN/AN/A°3435N1633E
#VALUE!4610-Sep-6220:52 GMTSouth China Sea22°29’N 118°8’EPSS IllinoisCivil1Satellite junk burning1Passed in front of ship and disappeared into cloudsSparks trailing object2MeteorPoorPoor4-6 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NorthMarine Data Report sent to Naval Oceanographic Office by ship, then forwarded to NASA, then ATICMarine Data Report to HON/AN/A°2229N1188EIt is odd that Marine Data Reports to HO become BB Cases in 1962 but in 1952 HO Bulletins were not considered BB Cases.
#VALUE!4616-Sep-6206:20 GMTPacific Ocean37°20’N 124°8’WPSS CalifornianCivil1Meteor like; bright objectYellowish green flare1Straight course 2MeteorPoorPoor3 sec1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10WestMERINT Report by shipMERINTN/AN/A°3720N1248W
#VALUE!4616-Sep-6218:35 GMTPacific Ocean33°55’N 163°48’EPCGC USS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright spherical objectBright as 1st Mag star1Straight course 2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10EastTelex from CGC Matagorda to COMWESTAREA and COFS USAFNot ReportedN/AN/A°3355N16348EMethod most likely MERINT since ship used MERINT procedure before
#VALUE!4605-Oct-6205:08 GMTPacific Ocean11°5’N 165°19’WPUSS LansingUSN1Bright objectStar like1Great speed; straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 60 deg to 45 degNEFrom ship to CTU 8.3.6MERINT – JANAP 146DEmergencyYes°115N16519W
#VALUE!4727-Oct-6223:15 GMT50.5 miles East of Cape Canaveral28°27.5’N 79°34.5’WAM.V. BoxhillCivil1Ball shapedorange light1Ascending EastwardTail of light had 3 colors: red, white and blue2MissilePoorPoorNot Reported3+Chief Officer, Captain, and other officers#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 2 deg then 40 degEastMarine Data Report sent to the US Navy Hydrographic Office then to ATICMarine Data Report to HON/AN/A°2827.5N7934.5WLaunch of Explorer XV from Cape Canaveral at 23:15 GMT placed 1962 Beta Lambda into orbit.
#VALUE!4702-Nov-6202:50 GMTAtlantic Ocean43°25’N 67°0’WAT.M.S. Irvin GlennCivil1Bright objectHalf size of moon to size of orangeGreenish1Straight downward2MeteorPoorFair5 sec1Second Officer#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 deg to 3 degDescendingLetter from Second Officer to US Gov. forwarded to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°4325N670WAngular size of an orange in front of ship is big!
#VALUE!4717-Nov-6209:20 GMTPacific Ocean11°59’N 160°49.5’WPMV AconisCivil1Bright objectRed1Breaking up and falling2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 degFallingCivilian Merint Report got to ATIC via Air Div Kunia FacilityMERINTN/AN/A°1159N16049.5W
#VALUE!4720-Nov-6210:00 GMTPacific Ocean23°46’N 69°19’WPUS CAGS HydrographerCivil1Brilliant objectBrightness of Jupiter1Straight course 2SatellitePoorPoor6 min1COS#VALUE!11#VALUE!10NELetter from US Dept. of Commerce Coast and Geodetic Survey ship Hydrographer to the US Navy Hydrographic Office then to NASA then to ATICUS Hydrographic OfficeN/AN/A°2346N6919W
#VALUE!4723-Nov-6220:23 GMTPacific Ocean16°8’N 131°58’WPUSS TulareUSN1RoundPea sizedWhite1Straight course ; high speed2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 35 deg then 20 degSENaval Message from USS Tulare to Clark AFBNot ReportedRoutineYes°168N13158W
#VALUE!4719-Jan-6313:51 GMTPacific Ocean43°59’N 124°51’WPOregon State University Oceanographic ShipCivil1Round bright lightsmall particleblack particle followed by a ball of fire1Fell into waterFollowed by a ball of fire2MeteorPoorPoor2 sec1Captain Ben Gertulla#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not ReportedSWCaptain reported to Portland Air Defense Sector via Dept. of Oceanography – OSU, then to ATICNot ReportedN/AN/A°4359N12451W
#VALUE!4707-Feb-6312:30 GMTPacific Ocean15°34’N 100°48’WPUSS MarysvilleUSN1Satellite 1Orbital motion2SatellitePoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 42 degNELetter from CO of USS Marysville to US Naval Oceanographic Office then to NASA then to ATICUS Oceanographic OfficeN/AN/A°1534N10048W
#VALUE!4716-Mar-6307:05 GMTPacific Ocean3°45’S 168°19’WPUSS DurantUSN1Blinking lightPeaWhite3Straight course ; blinking period of 35 and 20 sec2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1Lookout#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 0 degSNaval Message from USS Durant to Hickam AFB then to COMHAWSEAFRONCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°345S16819WUsed 7X50 Binoculars
#VALUE!4719-Mar-6301:40 GMTAtlantic Ocean17°55’N 57°40’WPRSS PlainsmanCivil1Object exploded in sky1Object fell into water and exploded again2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Fell into waterMERINT report from ship to US Coast Guard in PR then to COMCARIBSEAFRON then ATICMERINTN/AN/A°1755N5740WObject fell in water.
#VALUE!4728-Mar-6302:24 GMTPacific Ocean32°17’N 117°22’WPUSS SculpinUSN1CircularHead of PinBright as star; no A/C lights1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min3Lt. Parks,Lt. JG Howse, Lt. Akers#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 53 deg to 30 degEastNaval Message from USS Sculpin to March AFB, Calif.; Telex from CINCPACFLT to ATICCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3Operational ImmediateYes°3217N11722WUsed binoculars.
#VALUE!4728-Mar-6321:50 GMTAtlantic Ocean35°0’N 48°0’WAUSCG USS McCulloghCoast Guard1Star like1Fast moving star2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 62 deg to 15 deg60 degNaval Message from USCG Cutter to CINCLANTFLTNot ReportedFlashYes°350N480W
#VALUE!4716-Apr-6306:30 GMTPacific Ocean24°43’N 166°23’WPUSS CossatotUSN1Star like objectGlowing object1Straight course ; very fast220,000 ftInsufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 degEastTelex from COMHAWSEAFRON to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°2443N16623W
#VALUE!4718-May-6307:57 GMTPacific Ocean46°15’N 174°15’WPUSS SavageUSN2Bright object; like satellite2nd Mag star1Like falling star; same object appeared 1.5 hours later on same course2MeteorPoorPoor10 sec1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!1080 degTelex from NOBARPAC to ATICMERINT – JANAP 146DN/AN/A°4615N17415W
#VALUE!4721-May-6320:10 GMTAtlantic Ocean40°2’N 10°17’EAUSS GearingUSN1Rocket1Object was climbingproduced red vapor trail2MissilePoorPoor2 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not ReportedLetter from USS Gearing to COMSIXTHFLTNot ReportedN/AN/A°402N1017E
#VALUE!4726-May-6309:00 GMTGulf of Mexico29°14’N 93°25’WATug SandraCivil1Bright objectBluish white light1Erratic course; very high rate of speed3Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10NEShip reported to Coast Guard then Naval Message from CG District 8th to CINCNORAD, COMEASTSEAFRON, othersMERINTEmergencyYes°2914N9325W
#VALUE!4830-May-6307:41 GMTHawaiian Islands30°50’N 169°0’WPUSS LansingUSN1Bright object2nd Mag star1Object disappeared and reappeared twice3High altitudeInsufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 deg then 12 degNWMerint report sent from ship to COMBARPAC. Telex reports to ATIC from COMPARPAC and AIR DIV Kunia Facility HawaiiMERINT JANAP 146DN/AN/A°3050N1690W
#VALUE!4813-Jun-6316:54 GMTPacific Ocean34°0’N 164°0’EPUSS ChautauquaCoast Guard1Round bright objectWhite1Ascendingwith red trace2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10low on horizonAscendingMerint report from ship to Ocean Station Victor and from OSV to CINCPACFLTMERINTN/AN/A°340N1640E
#VALUE!4814-Jun-6323:01 GMTOcean Station EchoPosition Not GivenAOcean Station EchoCoast Guard1Satellite1st Mag Star1Moving NE2Satellite – Echo IPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!01#VALUE!11Elev. = 75 degNEMerint report from OSE to COMEASTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°
#VALUE!4817-Jun-6306:31 GMTPacific Ocean28°30’N 162°20’WPUSS LansingUSN1Bright objectSimilar to 1st Mag StarSimilar to Planet Venus1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo 1PoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 85 deg to 5 degNEMerint Report from ship to COMBARPAC & from Air Div Kunia Fac. HawaiiMERINT JANAP-146DN/AN/A°2830N16220W
#VALUE!4817-Jun-6308:30 GMTPacific Ocean28°0’N 162°0’WPUSS LansingUSN1Bright objectSimilar to 1st Mag Star1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo 1PoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg to 35 degNEMerint Report from ship to COMBARPAC then to Air Div Kunia Fac. HawaiiHADOC-D 1074 MERINT JANAP-146DN/AN/A°280N1620W
#VALUE!4804-Jul-6313:10 GMTFar East25°2’N 127°15’EPUSS CookUSN1Bright object1st mag star moving1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min5Griffin (CO), Morandini (OOD), White (XO), Hines (VJOOD), Caudel (BM1)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg to 54 degSENaval message from USS Cook to 5th AF FCHPHAS JapanCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3Operational ImmediateYes°252N12715E
#VALUE!4815-Jul-6312:06 GMTFar East22°2’N 117°0’EPUSS MarshallUSN1Bright object1st mag star movingWhite1Straight course 2Satellite – Echo IPoorFair5 min2Hopper (CO), Butler (OOD)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 60 deg to 20 degSENaval message from ship to CLARK AFBCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°222N1170EUsed BIOCCFWIR
#VALUE!4821-Jul-6309:10 GMTPacific Ocean15°34’N 115°8’WPMS YugalaCivil1Ball likeGlaring white; conical reflection seen on sea surface1Straight course Conical tail with lower part white, upper part flaming red210 milesMeteorPoorPoor3 sec12nd officer#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 20 deg to 10 deg260 deg TMerint report from ship to COMEASTAREA and then to COMWESTAREAMERINTN/AN/A°1534N1158W
#VALUE!4925-Sep-6311:06 GMTPacific Ocean34°14’N 125°29’WPUSS LoweUSN1Round object1st Mag starRed 1Straight coursewith luminous vapor swirling about object; Vapor is 20X size of object2MissileFairFair4 min4LTJR RJ Sands – USN OOD, LCDR RJ Edris – USN CO, ENS JE Benton- USN JOOD, ER BM2 – USN BMOW#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 0 deg to 25 degWestNaval Message from USS Lowe to COM $ AF HAM AFB CaliforniaCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3ImmediateYes°3414N12529W7X50 and 9X54 Binoculars used
#VALUE!4909-Oct-6303:30 GMTPacific Ocean32°07’N 117°17’WPUSS CalvertUSN1Bright lightMagnitude of Jupiter1Straight course2SatellitePoorFair5 min2Kennedy (Navigator) and Austing (SN)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 15 degEastShip letter to USN Hydrographic Office, then HO Nautical Information Branch to NASA then to ATICUS Oceanographic Office Publication 606N/AN/A°3207N11717W
#VALUE!4911-Nov-6305:53 GMT173′ 40′40°00’N 173°40’WPSS FalgoutCivil1Bright lightStar like or planet like145 deg arc in 55 seconds2Insufficient DataPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 25 deg185 degMERINT Report to COMBARFORPAC then Kunia then ATICMERINT JANAP 146-DN/AN/A°4000N17340W
#VALUE!4902-Dec-6317:50 GMTFarallon Islands PacificNot GivenCAUSS FiredrakeUSN1Missile like object1Object made turn from SW and headed in South directionTrailing plume similar to Regulus type missile350 miles from object; elevation was 10,000 ft to 30,000 ftMissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10SW to SNaval Message from USS Firedrake to COMCENSECTESTSEAFRON/ MERINT evaluation from COMNAVDEFEAST PACMERINTImmediateYes°Possible classified launch according to BB but not confirmed. Tracked with binoculars.
#VALUE!4910-Dec-6305:40 GMTAtlantic Ocean40°20’N 17°40’WAUSS SavageUSN1Sphericalpulsating white3Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported2OOD and Lookout#VALUE!10#VALUE!10EastTelex from Air Div Kunia to ATIC with Merint reportJANAP 146-D MERINTN/AN/A°4020N1740W
#VALUE!4926-Jan-6419:11 GMTPacific Ocean35°58’N 164°15’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright light1st Mag StarWhite1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg170 degTelex from CGC Matagorda to USAF Headquarters/CCGD 14/othersMERINTN/AN/A°3558N16415EMERINT believed to be satellite, then why send report
#VALUE!4905-Feb-6400:09 GMTAtlantic Ocean65°00’N 28°43’WANavy Commander Task GroupUSN1Bright light1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!1020 degTelex from COMBAREFORANT to CNO/CINCLANTFLT/othersNot ReportedN/AN/A°6500N2843W
#VALUE!5126-Jul-6402:58 GMTPacific Ocean15°01’S 132°31’WPGreek Steamer SS FrixosCivil3Twin satellitesBright as planet JupiterOne was red and green; the other was red and white; third was white5Orbital motion; distance between 2 objects was steady; after 2 min another satellite joined2Aircraft & SatellitePoorFair5 min1Chief Officer#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 19 deg2-West 1-NEMerint report to COMWESTAREA then to Air Division Kunia Facility then Telex to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°1501S13231W
#VALUE!5205-Aug-6404:43 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPUS CGC PontchartrainCoast Guard1Bright lightSatellite like1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 66 deg then 32 deg20 degMerint report from USCG Cutter to CINCNORAD then to ATICMERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000W
#VALUE!5211-Aug-6405:01 GMT168’00 35’1035°10’N 168°00’WPUSS NewellUSN1Bright object1st Mag StarSatellite like1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg60 degTelex from COMBARFORPAC to COMHAWSEAFRONMERINT JANAP 146-DN/AN/A°3510N16800WTelex says CIRVIS but it meant MERINT
#VALUE!5225-Oct-6401:30 GMTAtlantic Ocean66°00’N 27°40’WANavy Ground Visual / Ship UnknownUSN1SatelliteSatellite like1Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Not Reported270 degTelex from ADMINO COMBARFORLANT to CNO/CINCLANTFLT/ CINCNORADNot ReportedN/AN/A°6600N2740W
#VALUE!5227-Oct-6407:32 GMTPacific Ocean23°09’N 159°31’WPUSS FalgoutUSN1Luminous objectLuminous vapor trail1Speed = 600 knots; flight at low altitude; picked up by radarLuminous vapor trail2MissilePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10Not Reported205 degTelex from USS Falgout to COMHAWSEAFRONMERINTN/AN/A°2309N15931WPicked up by radar at bearing of 160 deg. Path on downrange afrea from Vendenberg.
#VALUE!5305-Nov-6406:30 GMTPacific Ocean31°50’N 173°00’EPUSCG Cutter MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectlike satellite160 deg arc in 8 sec; straight course2MeteorPoorFair5 min1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 50 degNorthTelex from Ship to CCGD 14th and USAF Chief of Staff & othersMERINTN/AN/A°3150N17300E
#VALUE!5313-Nov-6420:03 GMTAtlantic Ocean65°32’N 28°08’WAAtlantic Fleet; ship not reportedUSN1Bright celestial object110 deg arc per min2Satellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!10180 degTelex from COMBARFORLANT to CNO, CINCLANTFLT, othersCINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2CN/AN/A°6532N2808W
#VALUE!5317-Nov-6420:05 GMTAtlantic Ocean65°43’N 28°26’WAAtlantic Fleet; ship not reportedUSN1Bright celestial objectSatellite like110 deg arc per min2Satellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10180 degTelex from COMBARFORLANT to CNO, CINCLANTFLT, othersCINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2CN/AN/A°6543N2826W
#VALUE!5328-Nov-6414:36 GMTPacific Ocean30°00’N 140°00’WPUSS PontchartrainCoast Guard1Bright lightStar like1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IIPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!10Not ReportedTelex from USCGC Pontchartrain to COMDT COGARD, CINCNORAD, OthersMERINTN/AN/A°3000N14000W
#VALUE!5328-Nov-6415:50 GMTPacific Ocean33°55’N 164°10’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectSatellite like1Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg270 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to CCGD 14th, Chief of Staff USAF, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3355N16410E
#VALUE!5329-Nov-6406:25 GMTPacific Ocean34°20’N 163°48’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright light1Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 25 deg320 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to Chief of Staff USAF, CCGD 14th, CTF 33, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3420N16348ERuled out Echo I and II because they were in Soutehrn Hemisphere at time of sighting
#VALUE!5329-Nov-6408:00 GMTPacific Ocean33°55’N 166°02’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright light1Straight course2Satellite – Echo IPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 45 degSouthTelex from USCGC Matagorda to Chief of Staff USAF, CCGD 14th, CTF 33, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3355N16602E
#VALUE!5330-Nov-6406:30 GMTPacific Ocean33°58’N 164°14’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectSatellite like1Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg270 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to Chief of Staff USAF, CCGD 14th, CTF 33, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3358N16414EObject moving West, ruling out Satellites according to BB. Possible A/C.
#VALUE!5330-Nov-6408:45 GMTPacific Ocean33°59’N 164°82’EPUSS MatagordaCoast Guard1Bright objectSatellite like1Straight course2SatellitePoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg170 degTelex from USCGC Matagorda to Chief of Staff USAF, CCGD 14th, CTF 33, CINCNORAD, othersMERINTN/AN/A°3359N16482EEcho I and II not in area at time of sighting.
#VALUE!5319-Dec-6405:29 GMTPacific Ocean01°14’N 164°12’WPUSS Charles BerryUSN1CircularPin HeadWhite; alternating bright and dim; white when overhead3Straight course2SatelliteFairFair6 min4Officer of the Deck, Junior Officer of Deck, Executive Officer, Quartermaster of Watch#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 22 deg, then 90 deg, then 04 degSouthNaval Message from USS Charles Berry to PACAF Base Command, CINCPACFLT, CNO, CTF 92, othersCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3N/AYes°0114N16412WNot Echo I or Echo II per ATIC. Observed with Binoculars.
#VALUE!5310-Jan-6507:15 GMTAtlantic Ocean63°50’N 08°35’NAAtlantic FleetUSN4Bright objectsOne object was blinking3Straight course2Insufficient DataPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 30 deg170 degTelex from COMBARFORLANT to CINCLANTFLT, CINCNORAD, othersCINCLANTFLT INST 03360.2CN/AN/A°6350N0835NDuration and speed omitted thus Insufficient data.
#VALUE!5319-Feb-6502:37 GMTPacific Ocean16°15’N 109°29’WPUSS SerranoUSN1SphericalPeaBright white1Straight courseNo trails or exhaust2SatelliteFairFair1 min4K. Weldon LTJG USNR Officer of the Deck; G.W. Zwirshitz ENS USNR Asst. Navigator; B.E. Albright QM3 USN Quartermaster of the Watch; J.A. Staacy SN USN Lookout#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 65 deg105 degTelex from USAF So to ADC & others. Passing message from ship.OPNAV INST 3820.9 & CINCPACFLT INST 3820.3N/AN/A°1615N10929WEcho I and II not in area at time of sighting. OOD writes that it is possible satellite.
#VALUE!5605-Aug-6513:26 GMTPacific Ocean31°00’N 130°22.5’WPUSS Isle RoyaleUSN1CircularDimeBluish white1Object appeared to turn straight up taking elliptical shape with decreasing monor axis until disappearanceContrails emerging from both sides of object; size twice the size of object2RocketPoorFair5 min7Ruth (Navigator), White (OOD), Scott (JOOD), Jarvis (QM1), Robrecht (QM2), Eckhart (Messenger), Imes (Lookout)#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elev. = 33 deg then 85 deg343 degNaval Message from USS Isle Royale to CINCPACFLTCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°3100N13022.5WRocket launched from USS Buchanan at approximate time of observation. Object observed through binoculars.
#VALUE!5727-Aug-6519:09 GMTFar East31°09’N 136°54’EPUSS George K. MackenzieUSN1Bright lightPinpoint of light; 2nd Mag StarWhite1Heading across celestial sphere2SatellitePoorFair5 min2Lt JG Rossman and Lt JG Krakkfr#VALUE!11#VALUE!11Elec. = 60 deg to 40 deg110 degNaval Message from USS GK Mackenzie to CG Fifth AB FuchuCINCPACFLT INST 3820.3PriorityYes°3109N13654ESeen with binoculars. OOD believe it was Gemini V capsule.
#VALUE!5817-Sep-6508:40 GMTPacific Ocean34°27’N 155°00’EPUSCG Cutter ChautauquaCoast Guard2Bright lightWhite1Straight course2SatellitesPoorPoorNot Reported1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!101-North East 2-EastNaval Message from Air Div Kunia Facility (Hawaii) to PACAF Hickam AFB HawaiiMERINT?PriorityYes°3427N15500E
#VALUE!5819-Sep-6514:45 GMTFar East34°20’N 163°45’EPOcean Station VictorCoast Guard1Bright lightAlternating white, green, and red2Stationary1Sirius StarPoorPoor19 min1No Details#VALUE!10#VALUE!11Elev. = 10 deg then 15 deg120 degTelex from OSV Victor to CINCPACFLT, COMWESTAREA, etc. then to COMHAWSEAFRON then to COFSUSAFMERINTN/AN/A°3420N16345E