In their retelling of the 09-LL-1954 case [Note: original source on this website. –CF-] in “Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep”, pp. 54-55, Lucius Farish and Dale Titler end the case with comments and questions that basically sum up their thoughts that they had visualized while writing about this and other water cases. Mr. Farish has advised me that the technical aspects and thoughts on the UFOs influence on water was the work of Mr. Titler Their text in part follows. The green highlighted text foreshadows what I had discovered:


       …“Did the UFO use the same—or a similar—force to melt the middle coils of the ship’s nylon anchor rope? More importantly, was an electronically generated and controlled field, caused by the UFO, responsible for the strange behavior of the water—the churning and thrashing and the plateau shape?

       Did this field, this force, push the water away from the submerged UFO’s body as it rose out of the water? Did it also put the surrounding sea, at a radius of 300 to 400 feet, into a dead calm? Is it possible that underwater UFOs, while moving submerged, never come into contact with the water surrounding them? .

       If the UFO phenomenon is related to water that doesn’t wet, then it has a direct effect on the water in contact—or nearly in contact—with it. Speculation on one characteristic of the UFO in flight is that the surrounding air moves along with it, accounting for the absence of sonic booms at high speeds and the rushing sound of a slipstream as it passes overhead at low altitudes. It is possible that water behaves similarly as the submerged UFO passes through the liquid medium, and this lack of friction explains why an air/space vehicle can perform equally well as a submarine. [Note: this paragraph –almost- anticipates Paul Hill’s book “Unconventional Flying Objects” –CF-]

       Can this also explain its sudden transition from air to water? The surface of any body of water is the physical boundary between air and water---a boundary not yet mastered by modern technology. And it is fatally hard, as shown by the shattered planes and men that have fallen on its surface from any appreciable height and speed. Although submarines cruise its surface freely, and move easily through its depths, while seaplanes use it as a platform on which to land and take off, we have no flying craft that can dive through the air-water interface, survive the shock, then move equally as freely underwater. When the UFO becomes a USO—Unidentified Submerged Object---it does just that. Immediately, effortlessly, and oblivious to the medium through which it moves.

       UFO investigators no longer doubt these objects are controlled by technically advanced intelligences. They have, apparently mastered the electromagnetic state of Earth’s waters with the quality and intensity of their own self-generated control fields. Something about the UFO/USO influences the water around it. Some control source inside the object molds and shapes the water into mounds and water holes.

       Here may be the key to the sudden fogs and white mists that have enveloped surface craft. Several such cases have occurred in the “Bermuda Triangle” area of the Atlantic, according to author Charles Berlitz.

       Water molecules are made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms held together by a covalent bond because they share a pair of electrons. There are two hydrogen atoms, but only one oxygen atom in the water molecule.

       The negative charges of the oxygen atoms and the positive charges of the hydrogen atoms are deployed unevenly, giving the water molecules positive and negative poles such as those found in a soft iron magnet. When enough water molecules line up in the same direction---as when a strong magnetic field is passed over or through them---they become polarized. That is, they take on light reflecting and refracting qualities.

       Is this what happens when an undersea UFO comes near the water’s surface or shoots up and breaks free, into the atmosphere? Is its powerful magnetic propulsion field polarizing the water vapor on the area’s surface, causing it to form a fog or mist? Is this high intensity electro-magnetic force, intelligently aimed and directed at surface craft and airplanes, so strong that it can shape the surface water into mounds resembling boiling water? Does the “boiling” appearance come from high-speed changes in the magnetic forces, which, in turn, cause high-speed changes in the water vapor molecules near the UFO?

       Submarines can rise straight up and break the water’s surface without “mounding” it. Polaris missiles make no lump in the water when fired from subsurface; no gradual up swelling of water occurs just before it breaks surface. Yet the reports persist: “…the water was thrust away all around it…” There were places where the water “boils in circles.” Fishermen report “holes” in the Gulf of Mexico. [Note: Heat will be treated on another page. –CF-]

       It seems the UFO/USO intelligence---when it changes from one fluid density to another (air to water or vice versa)—creates an area around it where gravity and normal magnetic attractions do not function in ways with which we are familiar.

       Could there be another answer to the mysteries created by these alien denizens of the waters?”  [End]


If only they had drawn the stages…