Aircraft Carriers, Other Large Ships and UFOs


       Within the water cases contained on this website, it is not unusual to find ships of one kind or another. However, the one ship that has a commonality to UFOs is the aircraft carrier. There are very large UFOs that carry their own fleet of “scout craft,” just as the carrier carries aircraft.

       Although there are very few cases where witnesses onboard carriers have seen a UFO going into or coming out of water, I still feel this category remains important because, in several cases, it still shows “physical” influences, such as electronic shutdowns, heat, etc.

       If YOU have served on a carrier, and have had a UFO experience, I would love to hear about it and post it here with the rest of those that have come to light. Being a field investigator for MUFON, I will guarantee confidentiality of your personal information. My mailing address is on the bottom of this websites “home page” or you can use the “Contact us” e-mail form. If you use the e-mail, in the subject line please put in capital letters “CARRIERS” to alert me to your message.